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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 19:50

GOTM Winner - December

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In the month of Star Wars it was fate that Skobi Wankenobi would destroy the GOTM this time out. Swinging his Xbox saber pad in full force to provide two of best goals this month, as voted for by the PEN empire.

Both goals coming from the legend Fabiano. He may be getting on but like a true Jedi master his age and experience have given him unlimited power, enabling him to score these wonder goals.

A precise lazer blast of a volley takes the GotM and wasn't it something to behold? A cross from the wing which he smashes first time, into the back of the net.


So skobi, a great volley there by Fabiano, ain't he just fab? When you saw the cross go in did you expect Fabiano to strike it on the volley, or did it come as a surprise to you like it did to the opposition manager?

Not really no, ever since Seamus Coleman joined the side, he and Fabiano have built up a telepathic understanding. The crosses always come in hard and fast, and Fabiano is ready and waiting to deliver. To score these kind of goals in training is one thing,  but to do it in a league match, wow, even i was blown away.

Fabiano is so fab he also come runner up in GotM...that goal has Kanu written all over it doesn't it (goal vs Chelsea). Was that your first thought after scoring? It certainly was mine when watching.

My first thought was to jump up and do a little leap off the chair in victory, not sure about kanus goal but it reminds me of a thumper shearer scored for blackburn rovers back in the day

Fab is no youngster now. so will you be using the prize money to source a new younger striker? Or do you have plans to strengthen other areas of the squad, because judging by these goals Fabiano still has a lot more left in the tank!

Fabiano might be old but he is still up there with the best, his touch is still silky and he bangs them away like a young pup. i will look to replace him at the end of the season but for now he is happy leading the line here at boca

There were two entries from you as mentioned BUT which did you prefer and why?

I had four entries for Decembers GOTM, i was going for a Bergkamp trifecta, but the quality of the other goals meant my long ranger from Galloppa and the other bizarre angled goal from fabiano were overlooked in favour of the stunning volley.

With goals like this why are you in Division 2? what is going on? Do u only settle for wonder goals and not enough regular goals to win games/points?

I do like a wonder goal and anyone on xbox side will tell you i'm no stranger to a knuckle free kick, or a tidy long ranger, these are the goals i live for, but i wouldn't limit myself to scoring just them alone.

With players like Fabiano and Jesus on your side surely you have great chance of promotion? do u fancy div1 next year?

I do fancy div 1 this year and looks like i am now in a solid position coming in to the back half of the season, we just need to strengthen in one or two areas and i will be set for div 1 next season!

Thanks for taking time to speak to us and well done for scoring those terrific goals, may the Fabianoforce be with you, young goalscorer. This is JMK7 reporting from a galaxy far far away, back to the studio.

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