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Sunday, 31 January 2016 15:05

Ring the alarm, Lyon splash 40m on Fekir

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After that big announcement at the press conference we caught up with their young talented superstar to hear his thoughts on his big lucrative move
And here's what he had to say


I am proud and privileged enough to join a big club as this it has been a dream of mine to join Lyon.

I have been linked with the club several times in the past and even had trials when I was younger but it was just not the right time

I was due to join the club at the beginning of the season but due to some paperwork it fell through I was very disappointed but the manager pulled me up and took me to the side and told me what ever it took he would make me a lyon player and to stay focused and to keep doing what I was doing and it would only be a matter of time till my dreams came true and I signed for this club

So I went away and trained day and night and as the manager promised I received a call from my agent and was told to meet him at the lyon training ground

I arrived at the training ground on Monday morning and was greeted by my old friend Alexander he was asking me what I was doing here I told him am not sure my friend but he started smiling and I was suspicious why he was smiling

I walked into the manager's office and he said he was glad to see me but I didn't have to come all the way down just to pick up some items that I left at the club

My heart sank and I fought to myself not again then he passed me a box I looked inside and saw a pair of pink F50 boots

As I pulled them out and was about to say that they were not my boots I looked inside the box and there was a shirt with my number and name on it I didn't know what to think so I took it out and underneath there was a contract saying that I was joining lyon

I was speechless and I didn't know what to say and looked at the manager and he stood up and said welcome to the club young nabil. Hi started going crazy and said that was not cool and was in so much shock but it is a moment in my career that I will never forget

As I said at the press conference that I would give my all for the team and tried my best to improve my game every day of the week and am looking forward to the future at this prestigious club

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