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Enter the new one... Or so they think!

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New Manager, same success, that’s what the owners at Old Trafford expect, and that’s what the new manager hopes to provide.
Manchester United, the biggest club in the world. No if’s or buts about it. History of success. Recent success. They don’t need to look back to black and white to remember the last time they lifted the Premiership trophy. 
There are no memories of what could have beens and throwing the title away, it’s all about winning. But after the departure of the greatest manager in history, it was always going to be big boots to fill, and some people just couldn’t do it. It’s sad to see Jimus leave, but he is about, in the backgrounds as a Jedi to a young Palawan. He’s left the club in a great position, but it’s time for some fresh faces, and some new ideas.
First day in the office, and it’s a bit overwhelming. The sights, the sounds, but the biggest thing is, the new manager, CuteBrownBear, has a love for the club, a love that runs down the family, and if there is anybody more determined to make this a success, it’s him! So there may be some nerves, and the occasional tingle down the spine, but CBB is here for business and success. 
And he maybe a newbie as they say, with only Sunday league managerial experience behind him, but you best believe he isn’t a walkover. He has his partners, he has his friendships and he has his bonds which he feel will be forged now for a lifetime, and they’ve got a watchful eye over him, so if you think you can sweep in and sweet talk him, you’ve got another thing coming!
Watch out, there’s a new bear in town, the original bear, and he may be cute, but he’s even badder.
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