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Sevilla set to fail FFP

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A source at the UPFA (Union of Proevonetwork Football Associations) has revealed that the in-form Division 2 side are in financial trouble. The club has spared no expense this season in purchasing Thomas Muller ,Lucas Moura, Diego Perotti and Wesley Sneijder for a combined fee Ⓟ180m, factoring in wages that is Ⓟ285m for just 4 players this season. 
Contract bonuses and clauses can potentially see that rise even further to almost Ⓟ350m. So it’s no wonder that they have been in the spotlight. The board have made several statements this season that have assured fans that the club is performing well on the financial side, but many have been sceptical, as key investors have left the club.
Without the financial backing of said investors the club has been hard pressed to raise the extra funds to keep the club floating until the end of the season, where they can re-evaluate their situation. Multiple Fan’s Associations held donation events but with the many superstars at Sevilla, it was far from enough. Manager Joe suggested that Yann Sommer, the Swiss GK would be the first to leave, but after failing to find a suitable replacement it was onto the harder decision of who to let go.
First up was Diego Perotti, fan favourite and formidable winger. He has been turning defenses inside out with his fast paced dribbling and incisive runs. A key performer, and loved by all at the club, on his way to becoming an icon. Second was Lucas Moura, the young Brazilian winger. One of the most dangerous wide players in PEN. His few performances for the club have been very impressive and hasn’t slowed down amid reports of his departure.
After being in contact with the spokesman for the club we found that there were many offers for both players but nothing was agreed. It seems that potential buyers were aware of Sevilla’s financial situation and were low-balling offers. It’s unclear what the future holds for Sevilla, and the board and manager have a tough decision to make, as it’s been revealed that World Cup winner, Thomas Muller could be leaving in a deal worth a little over Ⓟ120m in overal value. An offer that would more than clear the clubs bills but would mean a tight situation when the market opens up again, as they’d need to spend quick to keep out of the Tax threshold.
There isn’t long to go to find out what the outcome will be. Sommer, Sneijder, Perotti, Moura or Muller… Who will it be.
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