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Lisbon finally lights up

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Today we take a look inside and see what is the cause of this positive upturn of fortunes at the club.  Looking at the teamsheet says a lot. But we can go in more depth and find out from JMK7 himself as he comes by for an interview.
But firstly lets look at the obvious. The players on the park. Sporting despite a small transfer budget have managed to source in some quality players of late.  Klose a key signing and has been on fire, scoring 1 or 2 goals most games. A revelation at right back has been Pisano with his lightning speed, saving JMK7 millions and allowing great overlap opportunitites down the wing as he now teams up with Rosicky and new brazilian wonderkid Valdivia.  This trio seem to cause mayhem on the right hand side of thee picth as they link up almost telapathically.  Also Japanese legend Kagawa has finally found his feet and looks like he could be the lynchpin of the side, some dazzling dribbling and goals in recent games. Also Albentosa comes in at CB for a solid and great understanding partnership of the 2 Spaniards CBs with Albiol leading the line.
All-time German topscorer at the World Cup Miroslav Klose
So thats the obvious but lets dwelve a little deeper and hear from jmk7 himself on this turn of fortune.
Hi jmk7 thanks for speaking with us today and just what has been key in your turnaround of form.
Hi, pleasure to speak with you. Tbh its a combination of adaptation of tactics to suit the prem and the change of personnel. Also using the players in the best way to get the best out of each individual in the unit as well as a way to suit the whole team.
Yes so any key aspects you can really pinpoint?
Well, when we talk about tactics here in the prem defense has to be solid so we might try to hold a few more players back also got to be ready for making counters as not always guaranteed possession against these great opponents. Early in the season we were far to attack minded and open. We could play like this in div1 but not here, it was a catasrophe.  Also, in training we have really been working on dribbling and set pieces which you can see in our games id like to think.
We sure can JMK7 and any chance you can expand on that?
Well for example, players like Kagawa and Valdivia came in for big money and had all these key dribble stats but we were not used to these players at lisbon so when they came in they were overlooked and not used properly. But now with time and learning how to take advantage of their key stats we can apply it in game and cause a new kind of havoc.  Also its about players using their skills in the right areas. We know duda is not usian bolt. But we try keep him wide left up top and just exploit his sweet left peg and use him for set plays. With Klose in the middle always chance for some glory. Little things like that they all add up.
Its about using your players in the right ways in the right areas..A combination of individuals and tactics all in one. I'm sure you can see this and reflects in our results.
Yes its a joy to watch at times JMK7, you have done a great job and lets hope you can maintain this and possibly avoid relegation.
We'd like to think so but so many good players in the prem you cant guarantee anything. We just take each game as it comes. We would like to stay up but div1 is fun also so wouldnt be end of world, in fact would probably bring the fans more attack minded football but we chase glory so we hope to stay up this year.
We hope so to JMK7 and thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Keep up the good work.
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