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It's been a tough introduction

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Well, it’s been about a month since the manager of Manchester United has taken over from Jimus, and it’s been full of ups and downs. 
CBB was eager to get involved in the market, but he arrived a few weeks too late. With all teams settled in their lineups and wages all calculated. It meant he had to sit down, relax, and watch all of the events unfold with a few trades occurring, a couple of people doing last minute money saving missions and a couple who narrowly missed Admin. Infact, the manager of Manchester United was hoping for an potential admin to occur, as he had the money after selling a few of his players to be a big player in the market post wages, but the opportunity never came.
After wages was over, it was time to move. The club only wants the best and they received that with he big money signing of Arda Turan & Kevin Mirallas. These were accompanied by Gouffran, Naldo, Bassong and Van Rhijn, it was adding up to be a force of a team in the Xbox Premiership. However, there was a few signings which couldn’t be closed. Juan Jesus being 1 of them. Known as the ‘Holiest man on PEN’ was a signature that he was unable to capture due to the amount being requested, it meant that although the team was strong, a CB is still being desired, even after the 2 recent signings in that position.
With a good number of wins under the belt for the team, there were some unfortunate defeats. A 6-5 loss against rival BadBrownBear left the manager infuriated with their team for conceding a 90+5 minute goal to lose the game, and with 2 recent losses against Lazio, it means that their position at the top of the league is now under threat. It’s been a rough few weeks, a lot more ups and downs, but it’s been a huge learning curve, and there is plenty more to come yet! They’re still in with a chance for a trophy, and that is what the fans and the owners want and expect. Come On United!
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