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Tuesday, 01 March 2016 18:42

To Be Or Not To Be

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That is the question for Hellas Verona (just Verona or within the city of Verona: Hellas). The noose is tightening in PS4’s 1st Divisions relegation zone and Rad Gravity’s Hellas Veroa find themselves in a frantic relegation battle. After a horrendous start with only six points in the first half of the season, they are now on a four matches winning streak, desperate to stay up.
Why did it go so bad, why have Verona done so bad in this season? This is what their manager Kristian “The Norwegian” Qvart said when we asked him to sum up the season
“Ahh, you could blame it on bad luck, but with so few points over so many matches, we just have to admit that we are sh*t. In the first few blocks we were getting used to the league, learning the ropes, getting used to playing league games instead of friendlies (COMPUTER), tinkering with formation and tactics just to find that the players really did not match the preferred style of play. However, our biggest issue was not scoring, which is a big factor, and bringing in Peter made us a little more versatile up front. We were a naive side that have played to many friendlies versus teams playing the game, and then facing teams in the league that would sell their mother for a point. It is frustrating, but nothing we can do about it.”
With three matches left it is not up to Verona boys to turn the winds, but to stay up they are also depending on other teams in the bottom half of the league losing.
These are the teams Hellas Verona needs to beat in the last three rounds of this season, to have any chance, what so ever, to stay up in the 1st Division:
Bluebirds Cardiff, playing in red shirts chasing promotion is not going to give away points free.
The Canaries “we hate the tractor boys” Baz “never” draws, and that is ok, Verona needs three points or nothing.
“The Archbishops” of Bridgets Braga, two teams that know each other well, it is going to be a dog’s fight for the points.
This is it, three matches. It is going to be a lot of long through balls, hacking of last men and cutbacks, sweaty cutbacks.
Forza Gialloblu!
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