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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 13:43

Is offence the best form of defense?

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Defending has now been thrown out of the window. Or that is what it seems like! Nowadays, full backs are bombing forward and leaving the centre backs exposed. Gone are the midfielders of Makelele. He was a watercarrier, a tackler. He would get the ball, make a simple five yard pass to get the ball moving and leave the more creative players free to play offensively.
 Not anymore. Now, every footballer must be a player. You must be able to pass, you must be able to finish, you must be able to contribute to every part of the play. Has this caused the downward spiral of defensive football?
Looking at the top 2 leagues, the Xbox Premiership and the PS4 Premiership, plenty of goals have been scored, but even at the top of the tables, the goals scored and the goals conceded columns are a lot closer together than you would ever expect. Of course this isn’t always the case. Big Boss for example has a 2:1 ratio. This however is just an unusual exception. The gap between the defence and the attack isn’t what it once was, and football really has changed. 
Alex Ferguson once said that a great attack will win you a game, but a great defence will win you a title, and this still could be the case but it seems though teams are now abandoning this formula and concentrating on the ‘Score 1 more than your opponent’ theory. Looking at the Xbox Premiership, within the top 4 teams their respective goal differences are 10/13/12/10. Over a season, with so many games being played, you’d expect the teams dominating at the top to have a much healthier goal difference than this. 
It’s exciting! It’s very exciting for the people watching at home and for the fans and for the players I can imagine. But when did football become this way? When did they abandon the art of defending? Will it ever come back? Lot’s of questions to be asked about the future of the game that we love and the way it will play out in the coming years. 
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