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Tuesday, 22 March 2016 20:44

Disappointing end to a dazzling season.

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A week ago Roma had the world at their feet, the envy of all PEN, a cup final to contest and a division 1 trophy all but won. A famous double would have put this young Roma side in the PEN hall of fame.

You'd hear your children's children ask you "Where were you when Roma did the double?" For years to come teams from all over the globe would try and match their glory. A week ago... A lot can happen in a week in the world of football.
The cup final was "One of the best games I've witnessed in a long time" to quote the Real Madrid manager. End to end stuff, filled with all the passion and heart thumping deep inhales of breath a final should be blessed with. Real's tactical advantage was fended off by the Italians, taking the tie to extra time. It seemed fitting that after 115 minutes of football Roma would take the game to penalties, as they did in the previous two rounds and despatch the Spanish giants and ultimately, lift the Xbox cup. Madrid had other ideas in mind, dealing a heartbreaking blow in the form of a counter attack in the dying minutes and snatching victory from the stunned hands of the division 1 side. After the game, Panderini said, "Sure, I'm gutted to lose in the final but I can say I feel privileged to have played in such an epic final." Although the tears streaming down his face and his overly tight clenched fists painted a slightly different picture. Alexander Panderini was later picked up by police outside a Russian brothel after complaints he assaulted a prostitute with a 9" sex toy.

 Just as Roma scraped themselves up off the floor and wiped the wiped the stain of failure from their runners up medals, It was time to finish their domestic league. 2 remaining games were played and won, all they had to do was sit back and wait for rivals Valenciennes to slip up, just once. Just once was all the Italians needed to lift the cup, just once never came. 2nd in the table, the 'Dangerous Swans' were gifted 9 points from default results which allowed them to leapfrog Roma and finish the season 1 point ahead in 1st place. Rome, again fell to it's knees in despair. To lose a cup final and miss out on a league title by one measly point in the space of a week would wobble any man. Not Alexander Panderini however, he is completely destroyed. A spokesman for the club had this to say.
"Mr Panderini has locked himself in the ladies lavatory and has not been seen since this morning. Please understand this is a very tough time for both him and his family. We expect him to make a statement in the coming days."

Despite The Roma bosses complete anguish, many say this has been the best season to date for the Italians. Losing only 2 games and sitting at the top of the table for the majority of the season. Acquiring some stunning talent such as Batshuayi, Ljajic and Rugani. Not to mention promotion to the Xbox Premiership division where a whole host of new obstacles and challenges await. As the saying goes, it's better to almost win everything and lose than to never even come close....


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