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Thursday, 31 March 2016 18:28

Osasuna on the climb

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Club Osasuna celebrated promotion with new manager venom984 into the PENPremierLeague. The club took a massive gamble in hiring venom due to his managerial history & controversy during previous seasons with clubs such as, Valenciennes, Boca Juniors and Stoke City.
Osasuna where dangling at the bottom half of division 1 when venom took charge as he tweaked in the transfer market and pushed them into an automatic promotion spot. Key players were captured early on in the manager’s reign such as Vincent Aboubakar and Nico Lodeiro.
We caught up with the manager in a short interview to get his views on this & next seasons drama.
PEN: Venom, Congratulations on the promotion, you must be thrilled with how things have turned out since your unexpected return after a fairly long sabbatical, tell us how you feel?
Venom: Delighted, Absolutely delighted. I knew it was a risk taking over this magnificent club, more for them than me! However I felt ready and refreshed. I used all my experiences in the past to make sure i didn’t make the same mistakes for the sake of this club and also my credibility’s as a manager.
I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to get things right, steady the ship and sail into the premiership.
Pen: Tell us, how do you see Osasuna coping in an extremely difficult division next season, what is the plan? Avoid relegation or go for the title?
Venom: Win the title! Of course not, we just want to establish ourselves first and take it from there.
To be honest with you, it’s hard to predict how next season will turn out, the PenPremiership is more competitive than ever, you have so many champions all competing for the ultimate prize in Pen.
Our main focus will be to not get carried away and enjoy the victories, learn from the draws and be humble in defeat. We want to build on a great season from promotion and push forward step by step, my personal aim will be to bring joy to this wonderful club and play good football mixing it up with some fantastic teams next season. Winning the title will be almost impossible, I won’t set the standards that high, but we will do everything we can to make sure we have a strong season.
PEN: Will we be seeing new signings and departures in pre season? Are you happy with your squad?
Venom: I couldn’t be more proud of my players, of course, this is PEN, there will always be in and outs, but the harmony in the club is at an all time high, there won’t be drastic changes, but a few here and there.
PEN: Thank you for your time and all the best next season
Venom: Cheers, thanks.
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