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Sunday, 03 April 2016 17:27

GOTM Winner - February

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This months Goal of the Month winner is a Greek warrior king from the Greek city of Sparta. His name is Leonidas. The current manager of Panathinaikos, sccored an absolute belter of a strike from 50 odd yards, with the beautiful red head Jack Colback.


We caught up with Leo on his Greek island getaway to have a chat about Colback, Panathinaikos and the goal itself. 

Not a lot of people would have thought Jack Colback had that type of goal in his locker. Did it surprise you?

Not at all! Jack has a thunderous left foot - in my many friendlies with Scary, Jack is often cracking a thunderstrike from 25 yards - it's a ferocious weapon!

Are long range shots something you often try or was this goal a clearance from Diego Coback?

The goal came from a swift passing move that Dsarge cleared - as soon as the ball bounced up I didn't hesitate to hit the shoot button - and whilst I've hit many a cracker with him, this shot was perfection - power, swerve, top corner off the bar - just perfection.

Colback isnt just known for that trusty left foot which we have seen win this goal of the month, he is also known for his flowing red hair and general good looks. Has he been a hit with the Greek women?

Sadly Jack is finding the sun a bit punishing here in Greece. His red locks mean his is pasty white - and the sun only makes him turn a worrying shade of lobster. The ladies are more concerned for his health rather than hitting on him!

He looks to be a well rounded player does Mr Colback, with only his goalkeeping stats under the 70 the mark, can you tell us a bit more about him and his role in your team?

He sits in front of our back three - Cofie cleans up whilst Jack acts as the link to Ninis and the front men. He has become pivotal to our play.

Does he wash Samaras's boots like the rest of your team. How is gorgeous Giorgios and is it likely he will be leaving you soon?

Gorgeous Giorgos will sadly be leaving us this week. His recurring back problems mean that retirement surely beckons. Damn shame as at 31 he still has a lot to offer the team...and the ladies.

How have you enjoyed the season in general. You seem to have come very close to the playoffs, which would have been a great achievement considering you were promoted last season aswell.

After our worst start in a few seasons, we were staring at possible relegation. Our exciting 334 formation was great for goals, but sadly we leaked more than we scored! With ten games left we switched to a more orthodox 352 - and with a couple of important new signings the results suddenly came - 24 of our points came in the last ten games, winning 7 of our last 8! We feel we have a really Frillypinkly balanced squad now - maybe only two signings are needed to think about possible promotion next season...

Who have been your stand out players at Panathinaikos this season?

We've had some changes to the squad, but let's see:

Vizcarrondo has been a revelation in our back three - solid and challenging, a real diamond of a purchase.

Colback - as said above, now pivotal in our team.

Ninis - the captain has had a great season - scoring a few goals and creating many - absolutely our most influential player.

Fortounis - talented midfielder who plays exquisitely on either wing.

Lazaros - always surprises with his turn of pace and deadly finishing.

Matri - a recent signing who has impressed - goal scoring is his game!

Chavez - gamble that paid off! Brilliant in the air and a great left foot.

Who have been your most difficult opponents to play against this season, both players and managers?

Alexander the great, a worthy champion. Solid and organised. Players? Hmm - Balotelli sticks out as a constant thorn.

And lastly, how is life in Greece treating you at the moment?

Superb - a major change from Nottingham! The family has adjusted well - as has the team. Training now takes place in  beautiful stadium on warm evenings - the players are eagerly awaiting summer months of 35+ degrees and lots of swimming!

Finally - just a big thanks to all who voted for the goal - it was a magnificent goal and I was happy so many appreciated the effort.

Leo, thanks very much for taking the time out to talk to us this evening. Its a beautiful place you have here, i hope we will be invited back for the end of season party. From Spartan hero back to the studio, cheers folks.

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