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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 10:55

Blaise Is Back

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When new Marseille manager Spragga was in charge at Inter Milan, Spragga spoke of one regret he had in all his time as a manager of the club and during his time on PEN. And that was the signing and then releasing of a certain French midfield maestro Blaise Matuidi who did not even get to play a game in anger due to the leagues wages and multiplier regulations coming in to effect.
This meant that clubs who had had up to that point, had no real limits to the strength of their squad other than paying a set wage, were forced to rethink their plans during the pre season upheaval that Sepp Davo introduced, this was a big change for then Inter manager Spragga, who had aquired a major midfield force in 2 french center mids, Kondogbia and Matuidi and it was the latter that was the hardest to get over losing.
Spragga went on record 2 years ago when he had to release Matuidi back in to the dungeon saying this "Im gutted" and "this is f**king bulls**t" he also quipped "this lad is a beast, an entertainer first, a footballer second and a break dancer third" "im livid at these new rules, the Inter fans are being deprived of my favorite pes player and one im sure would have set the team up for some great things"
it was actually just before his signing on press confrence that Matuidi was made aware of the possibility of him not actually being able to play for Spragga and Inter, and he was not amused.
Stating this, "Im not sure why or even what im hearing and even if its true or some sick joke, but im not laughing, i have put pen to paper and signed for the club and im really looking forward to joining up with the team for our pre season training camp in Canvey Island next month"
But Matuidi never made it to Canvey, he was already out the door and clubless within 2 weeks of signing, and that was the last we head of Matuidi for some time.
Until 2 days ago that is.
As Sepp Davo instructed the bod to open on pen once again,  Spragga now manager over in France with Marseille once again set out to maybe explore the possibility of signing Matuidi once more, Matuidi's agent was contacted, asked if the player was well, and if he would be willing to join Spragga at Marseille, the response was emphatic, Matuidi was chomping at the bit to be released from his PEN exile, he had never been put up for auction or had any other manager interested in taking the chance to bring him in to the leagues, and Spragga was the manager he wanted to bring him home.
Things are never simple on PEN and spragga knew he had to make an offer worthy of getting Matuidi, it was a one only kind of offer, make it too little and there would be no negotiating, no counter offer to make, it was do or die and he had to get it just right.
The Bod were contacted and an offer of N'Golo Kante a 31 mill auction signing plus 35 million PENce was made, an excruciating wait was now in process, spragga saw bod members looking at the thread details of the offer, nothing was happening, other deals were being accepted and rejected throughout the day, there is no denying that Spragga had a sweat going on, not only was the offer big, but Kante had only just joined himself and was a player the manager thought would play a big part in next season.
The wait was on for Matuidi, Spragga, Marseille officials, and the fans.
Then early saturday morning, the awaking spragga all sleepy eyed and toothpaste mouthed opened pen to discover the offer had been accepted overnight, the Bod were willing to let Matuidi back in to pen, with the manager that so cruely lost him years before, it was the kind of buzz that had long been forgotten by Spragga, the once addicted to amphetamines manager was clearly coming up on this new drug this morning, that drug is Blaise Matuidi!!!!!
Welcome back Blaise! Things will be different this time I promise
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