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Friday, 08 April 2016 13:21

Torino Season Review

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So after the play offs the dust has finally fallen on season 8, the season that Cloughy debuted in PEN in unassuming fashion only to guide his team to an unlikely title triumph on the last day of the season. Heralded as a hero in the city of Turin, here we look at the numbers behind the season and the preparation for next season.
Games Played - 30 - 18 wins, 6 losses, 6 draws.
57 goals for, 38 against. 17 different scorers, top scorer and player of the season Markovic on a measly 8 goals nearly 5 times less than league top scorer Thomas Muller. Torino, a team built on team ethic and goals from all over the park contributed to the success of season 8.
In the transfer market Cloughy won the managerial award of ‘Most Active’ and with 199 transfers and 2.1 billion in fees its easy to see why. The manager has stated he intends to be less active in season 9 bringing only the best quality to Turin, allowing the younger players in the team time to flourish and feel confident in their positions.
With a commitment to playing manually and moving up in standard the season ahead has several challenges ahead. Torino have recently returned back to a 4 4 f**king 2 formation which has offered protection to the back 4 with 2 big destroyers in Sankhare and William Carvalho, both standing at 6.1 foot offering pace and power all over the pitch.
Further recruitments include Romain Hamouma the French winger with an eye for a trick and a strike who has scored 7 goals in a handful of friendlies so far this season, with the pick of the bunch below. Pundits have tipped him as the man to watch in the new campaign and get bums on seats in the Stadio Olimpico -
These 3 new recruits allow current POTY Lazar Markovic to return to his favoured left midfield after spending the whole of season 8 in an unknown but wholly successful RWF position.
We caught up with Cloughy and asked him for his thoughts on the season ahead -
“Well the first thing you’ve got to do in division 1 is shore up your defence, the amount of goals scored in division 1 last season was unreal and we will need big Mitro to step up to the plate this year after the dry season he’s just had. The defence have trained really hard since last year and I have seen noticeable improvements to Petr Cech, the young lads Digne and Cedric have come on leaps and bounds and our Ukranian nutcase Rakitskiy has been on the weights bench too.
We know the games ahead are going to be tough after playing against the sweat many times in friendlies and thats something we’ve got to get used too. 10 wins for the season will see us safe and thats our target, taking it 1 game at a time
The accountants have said I’ve stripped the club bare but we are now rich with player assets, the boys will have to perform or they will get chopped in to bring someone else to the club, thats life. We are hoping to surprise a few people next year and we look forward to doing that”
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