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HELP! The Turks are coming!

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The Turks are back and this time they passed the gates of Vienna and have reached Saint-Etienne in eastern-central of France.

Lets take a closer look at the Turkish army of today in comparison to the army that was stopped in Vienna by the Polish King Jan Sobieski. A number of players have been reported and sighted in training under the management of the long time St. Etienne manager Mukremin. The influx of Turks has enraged traditional French supporters and some senior members of the club. Total number of Turkish players have reached a record number of 8! Most of the team consists of foreign players and only one French player, the newly signed Nicolas N'Koulou.

The gateKEEPER:

Name: Volkan Babacan
Length: 1.88 m
Weight: 86 Kg
Currently Fatih Terim's first choice for the goalkeeping spot for the Turkish National Squad. Volkan is a highly defensive keeper! Hard to score past him with good stats despite his low overall rating.


The Knight in Defense:

Name: Serdar Aziz
Length: 1.83 m
Weight: 86 Kg
Along with Hakan Balta he is part of the defensive duo in front of Volkan Babacan and certain to make a strong appearance at France in Euro 2016. Serdar is tall and strong in aerial duels.


The Sniper bullet right back:

Name: Sener Ozbayrakli
Length: 1.71 m
Weight:  71 Kg
Named the heir of the Turkish Legend Right back Gokhan Gonul, Sener lacks the defensive capabilities but has the stamina and speed which will ensure him a 2nd spot right after Gokhan.


Box-to-Box bombard:

Name: Ozan Tufan
Length: 1.79 m
Weight: 70 Kg
Once on the radars of Atlético Madrid and Valencia, he opted for Fenerbahce instead. Terim has his eyes on him and Ozan is certain to appear and shine in Euro 2016. He can play as a right back, DMF or CMF with box-to-box playing style.


Gokhan the Barbarian:

Name: Gokhan Tore
Length: 1.76 m
Weight: 70 Kg
Talented midfield player with a taste for illegal guns. He once put his gun to the head of Calhanoglu and Omer Toprak at a bar. He has been forgiven by Fatih Terim and is set to make his debut in a big tournament. His lack of discipline makes him a hard nut to crack. Rumoured to move to West Ham where his "dad" Slaven Bilic works. Bilic has ordered Spragga to keep an eye on Tore in France...


Looking at the profile of the invading army we could say it is impressive, how they will perform is a question yet to be answered. Their first game against Wheresmark and his Newell Old Boys has yet to convince many, despite a playing strong game and goals by Ozan Tufan and Gokhan Tore. According to an unknown source on PEN Wheresmark didn't even bother to prepare for the new season and was in Haiti just the day before the game.

Our reporters have tried to talk with the manager, but his only remarks were: "the invasion has begun". What do those words mean? We are not sure, but it promises to be a highly entertaining new season at PEN.

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