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Sunday, 08 May 2016 11:07

GOTM Winner - March

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This week the PEN goal of the month reporter joined Dortaboy in Rio de Janeiro.
Paulo Geurrero scored a  brilliant overhead kick to claim the goal of the month prize for March. We discuss Guerrero's Olympic level acrobatics, but also have a chat about last season and the season ahead. Its good times at the PS4s current second best team.


Hello there Dortaboy, congratulations on winning goal of the month, how is life in Rio de Janeiro treating you lately amigo

Thank you thank you. It is absolutely wonderful out here, I don't think I'll ever return to Europe again!

This isn't the first prize you have collected lately, I believe you recently earned some runners up medals as well, would you like to tell us about your season 8 experience ?

Who can forget that insane Inler knuckle free-kick! And more recently that thumping Farfan drive. Season 8 was, well, eventful. After returning to the Premiership, me and the Flamengo BOD had some intense disagreements on the club's new transfer policy.
This resulted in players joining and leaving the club before the ink on their contracts could dry. After our first round loss in the cup though, we put the egos aside and started working towards better results.
The results started coming in and just kept coming in until we dropped some crucial points in the last third of the season. (right about the time i got hit with an infection that limited my time to work with the team)
This allowed the OP Wolfsburg Wrecking machine to run away with the league. A 2nd place Prem finish is not too bad though for a manager that was written off 2 seasons ago.

Do you normally pride yourself on sexy football and overhead kicks ?

Definitely. Our brand of football is of high quality and enjoyed by fans and opponents alike.
The overhead kicks are very uncommon though. Despite having some expert crossers over the season, the Flamengo game plan focuses on passing and dribbling our way through the defence.

Now onto the goalscorer himself, Paolo Guerrero the Peruvian legend, does he often try spectacular attempts like the one which won this months award? What role does he play in the team, is he fox in the box type or is he more of a target man, designed to hold the ball up?

Guerrero is an absolute powerhouse and is usually the one to get on the end of our crosses. You could say we don't utilise that ability enough, but Paolo is great at holding up the ball and bringing others in play too. He can really hold of a defender or two and pick out a pass.
He usually scores from the edge of the box with powerful yet well placed strikes.

Have you other players who can pull off tricks flicks and sexy nicks?

Farfan has caused some trouble with his pace and strength on the ball. Sturaro loves a run around himself. And then there is the legend that is Mendonca who has taught the others everything they know.

The Copacabana, I imagine you spending your afternoons there Dorta, playing 5 a side football surrounded by Brazilian honeys while sipping cocktails from time to time. Would i be right ?

Damn right. Don't forget world's 2nd greatest sport ever: women's beach volleyball.

Season 8 opponents, Who were the most stylish? The slaggiest? The best trickster? Both players you played against and managers you faced?

Very tough questions there as the league was full of good experienced managers with varying degrees of the above. Couple of players i remember not wanting to remember are Gaitan, Morata, Witsel and Schneiderlin. I'm sure i can think of more names once i see back some of the footage. There was great sportsmanship by everyone throughout the season though.

No conversation with you at this time would be complete without talking about the main man himself Clive mendonca...........tell us more

Absolute legend. Has been with Flamengo for a while now, and is looking to stay till he retires. The whole signing for Braga thing was just a prank in the end, he knew we were preparing his lifetime contract so wanted to give us a little scare. Sometimes you don't notice his genius, until the match ends and you see he has a 7.0 rating with a 93% pass completion. And how many times does he have to pull out the Mendonca shuffle before defenders learn not to rush in on him like he's just another mortal.

The man we really want to know about is Andrea Pirlo, the longest chase in Pen history finally comes to an end. How is he settling in? What will be his role in your team next season, will it be the obvious role of playing in front of the back four spreading passes left right and centre? And is Rio big enough for the these two men who ooze class ?

Pirlo is actually one of the few beings in the universe that Mendonca looks up to. We have been working hard at Flamengo to ensure all Pirlo's needs are fulfilled.
Change of formation, check.
New players, check.
New kits, check.
Captain's armband forged on mount olympus, check.
Pirlo and Mendonca are just on another level and communicate almost telepathically with each other. Only time will tell whether the Maracanã is big enough for the both of them.

Finally onto next season, what are your hopes for Flamengo in season 9? And the opposition in the Ps4 prem, who will be battling for the title and who will be relegated?

I have yet to take a good look at all my opponents for season 9. My focus has been on setting up the team for Pirlo.
I expect Wolfsburg to be the team to beat with the machine-like Big Boss running things.  They seem to have endless funds over there.
There are also lots of new faces that are gonna make life tough for the ones that finished last season just above the relegation zone. (karlos, mukremin, sham)
With the D1 champ Mancan also expected to be high up the table and Parrish and Goat already claiming to have won the title, it's gonna be interesting to see where Flamengo will end up this time around.

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