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Monday, 16 May 2016 14:06

England Duo Can Lead Us Back To The Premiership

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For the first time ever Norwich manager Baz has broke his media silence in an exclusive interview for RGM SPORTS MAGAZINE
Let's see what the  controversial manager has to say in his first ever interview.

RGM - Hi Baz firstly thanks for the exclusive. Let's get things rolling with the 1st question:

As a childhood Norwich City fan it must be a dream come true to manage the club you have so much love for?

Without a shadow of a doubt this is a dream come. I managed the reserve team here way back in season 1. Just being a part of this club filled me with massive amounts of pride. But as with all careers you have to move on so when I got the chance to move to Cagliari with my own transfer budget and a real chance to prove my managerial skill I had to take it on. 

You had a huge fan base at Cagliari after gradually improving their status from small club to a team that attracted such players as David Silva and David Villa. Was it a difficult decision to leave the club that had put so much faith in you. Not to mention the love of the fans and luxury lifestyle in Sardinia?

To be honest with you it wasn't a hard decision at all. To come back to Norwich as you said is a dream come true the hardest thing about leaving Sardinia is the beautiful women I had at my disposal. There aren't that many beautiful women in Norfolk. 

Season 7 saw you lead Norwich to their first ever promotion with a fantastic 4th place automatic finish. How did that feel? 

Words can not describe the emotions of that season, the whole city was partying for a fortnight. The fact that we couldn't survive in the Premiership is more of a concern for me though. 

Yes you did struggle at a higher level. But more recently you also struggled in season 8 back in the division 1. Why do you think that was? 

I have to hold my hands up for the mistakes made last season. I think a major factor was the deadline day administration resulting in us losing Raheem Sterling. Despite that we started the season off very well . The hunger to make changes to the squad to try and find the pieces missing that went with Raheem ultimatly lead to inconsistent performances.

There seems to be a genuine chance that this season you can again push for a Premier League spot. Do you share that feeling?

Ofcourse I share that feeling. There wouldn't be any point me being here if I thought otherwise. I've got a team of settled lads here now albeit we are a bit thin in terms of numbers. The strike force we have here at Norwich is second to none. Two England internationals playing alongside of eachother at club level with a world class young hole player sitting in behind them. We will be there or there abouts this season mark my words.

 Many managers in the PEN leagues seem to think having Vardy and Kane as two cf's won't work, what's your opinion on this? 

Yeah first of all after playing a couple of friendlies I thought I'd made a huge mistake on Harry it wasn't working. We stuck with it for a couple league games and a few friendlies over the past few days and it's really starting to bear the fruits you'd expect. I don't see this being a problem at all as we progess into the season they will only get better playing alongside one another.

Lets hope so Baz. It's been a pleasure talking. Do you have any last words for your Division one rivals?

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