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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 12:25

Sevilla Transfer Talk

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It seems the club thinks now is the time to cash in on the best player in PEN in the hope of improving the overall strength of the team. Thomas Muller has been placed on the open market with the club expecting bids around Ⓟ85m for his services, although with the low level of cash available in the market it may see him leave for around Ⓟ70m. The German international finished last season with several awards, including Player Of The Season Division 2, Top Goalscorer Division 2 (36 goals) and most Man Of The Match awards Division 2 (11 MotM).

A formidable and versatile player, with the ability to play across the majority of attacking and midfield positions. He was also a major contributor to Diego Perotti’s 20 goals last season, with his great passing accuracy and his known ability to drag defenders out of position to allow space for teammates to move in.

Muller, however has been reluctant to leave the club and has asked the manager and Chairman to try to figure out other ways of attaining revenue for the coming season. He gave a brief comment yesterday after training “I spoke to him [Joe] and I made my concern of leaving, it’s up to them where we go from here, but I want to stay”

Other transfer rumours are Spanish leftback Juan Bernat, Argentinian winger Diego Perotti and German midfielder Sebastian Rode. The most likely to leave out of this set of players appears to be Muller, and failing that the club would accept the departure of Sebastian Rode. At this point there has been very few official offers made but things are set to pick up, with the new batch of fixtures released, managers will be keen to add something special to their squads.

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