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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 13:49

A Shocking Start

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Inter Milan's first 3 fixtures of the season have been played and they failed to even get 3 points. Their record currently reads 3 games, 2 losses, 1 draw, 1 point, 1 goal scored, 12 conceded. Yes, 12, in 3 games. Their start has shocked fans and pundits alike, but manager Notorious remains defiant. La Gazzetta were at the Inter press conference preceeding the game with Skobi's Boca Juniors.
“The fans will see the squads capabilities soon enough, I think the upheaval that comes with moving an entire squad from one city to another has had an effect for sure, we didn't have as much time in pre season as we would have liked.”
Asked if this was really a valid excuse given some other managers and squads were in the same position, including Ozmaster and his Marseille side that had dismantled Inter on the opening day of the season, Notorious retorted, “Seriously? We moved almost 4 times the distance his squad did, and we also had other issues. We had no native Italian speakers in the squad when we made the move, language barriers in football are nothing new when a player joins a squad, but communication difficulties across an entire squad are almost unheard of. That wasn't even the worst of it.”
When pressed further on what he was eluding to the response came “Well as some of you have in the press know, I came to Oz looking for a jet to move the boys over from Madrid. Sometimes the phrase, 'You get what you pay for' rings true, and this was one of those times. We thought we would save a few Yoyo's on the plane given all the other expenses we would incur from the move, that was a mistake on my part. From delays to that crock of s**t cabin crew, they fed the boys some dodgy food and they weren't right for a while.”
When asked about an article published in Bilbao newpaper Deia, in which rumours of an early departure surfaced. “I don't know that Deia ever wrote about me when I was manager of the biggest club in Spain, why do they care now?”
It was also suggested in the report that Romelu Lukaku, the clubs new recruit, was not signed by the manager. “Nonsense. His agent gave me a call, I'm sure you guys know Mino Raiola. He made it know that he wasn't quite fitting in at Torino and could be available. I have a good relationship with their manager, Cloughy, we've done a few deals in the past, and he also as Torino manager knows Juventus are bums. We had a chat, he wanted to bring Romain and Nordin back to Turin, both great players but with Aleix back from his wee holiday we can do without them and when you get a chance to bring in a talent of Romelu's calibre, and he fits your system, you make it happen.”
There have been words in the press saying that Lukaku will struggle to cope with the pressure of his price tag, asked about this the Inter boss responded,  "Ask me the same question after the game."  Whether Inter can survive this season after one of the worst of starts imaginable remains to be seen, Notorious isn't giving up just yet though.
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