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Is 3-5-2 The Answer?

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3-5-2. Football has changed from the norm of the 4-4-2 used for many years, but now managers are either being adventurous, or they’re scared.
3-5-2 can be seen as both in a way. It can be looked at as defensive with the wingers dropping back into a 5, and 2 midfielders holding deep, and even 1 striker dropping back to fill the midfield, but on the flip side, as crazy as it sounds, a 3-3-4 with 2 strikers and wing forward! It’s very easily changeable, but the problem is, who dares to try and do that now?
LVG tried at United. It didn’t work for half a game and he reverted back to a normalised formation. He then changed to using it to defend a lead with 20 minutes to go … and conceded. It has too many flaws. How far forward do the wing backs go? Who from the 3 centre backs picks up the 1 or 2 strikers? Who is the organiser? There are too many things which can cause issues that make it a scary formation.
However, Manchester United have taken on the challenge … And it’s safe to say they love playing it, but it does not currently work. 1 Win at the start of the season, conceding horrendous goals, attacks being stifled easily, it just hasn’t clicked. But unlike LVG, the United manager CBB has the balls to hold onto what he believes. He can see that with some tweaks and turns, it can turn into a formidable formation. Whether the board think that or not however, is a different story altogether! 
The fans want attacking, flowing football … is this the way to provide it? Only time will tell! 
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