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Another disaster?

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Another disastrous season seems to be looming for season 5 Premiership champions St. Etienne. The current manager, Mukremin, was appointed back in season 5. The club took the manager over from Dutch side Vitesse, before that Mukremin had brief periods of management at Besiktas and Fenerbahce.

Under the management of Mukremin, St. Etienne came under heavy fire at the start of season 5. The squad turned it around after the winter break and won the majority of their games and went on to secure the no.1 spot in the Premiership. Their comeback was received with great enthusiasm by friend and foe alike.

After their success in season 5 St. Etienne gradually went down each season. It became harder and harder for the club to secure a top spot. Last 2 seasons alone were a nightmare for the fans. Season 7 saw St. Etienne playing a relegation play-off game against Karlos' Ajaccio. That very moment saw one of the rare moments that management, fans and the squad came together and this led to a success in staying in the Premiership. Mukremin and Bigboss are the only original members left in the Premiership after Lam09 was relegated not long ago. Bigboss cemented his name by becoming the season 8 champions.

His close relationship with the undisputed Asamoah Gyan started that very season, some sources say that the popularity of Gyan has surpassed that of Mukremin himself. Rumour among the fans is that it will be a bigger blow when Gyan leaves the club then the disappearance of Mukremin himself.  Only a handful of players are left from the team that became champion, Gyan, Atsu, Caner Erkin and Wakaso Mubarak. Gokhan Gonul is out with a serious injury and is expected to return halfway next season. Hasan Ali Kaldirim and Frei have been loaned out to a Mexican team.

Throughout the season many faces came in and left St. Etienne, notably Burak Yilmaz who often had a cold relation with Mukremin. His recent transfer proves again the two never could get along. Another popular face is Erding who left and joined the club several times and still calls Mukremin every year on VE day (Victory over Europe).

The future of Mukremin as manager of St. Etienne is uncertain. According to a source who's identity stays hidden, his fate has already been sealed and he is certain to leave the club whatever the outcome at the end of the season will be.

Whatever may happen in the future, it is certain that Mukremin will return to his youth team Fenerbahce. He was forced to leave his beloved club when a 3 year ban from FIFA rocked them. The ban is over and time will show whether or not Fenerbahce will manage to qualify for the Premiership next season. Qualification will surely mean an end to an era of blood, sweat and tears.

Mukremin's name given by the diehard St. Etienne fans already echoes in the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard: "Bossman, oley oley oley, Bossman, Bossman. Bosmann oley oley oley, Bossman.. Bossmann....."

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