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Hammers Are Doomed

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When Spragga took the reigns at West Ham on Pen for a 4th time at the start of season 9, serious pressure was put on the manager by the powers that be around here.
You see once many moons ago spragga and his many teams including, Sao paulo, Inter Milan, River Plate and very briefly Marseille, were considered a yo-yo team on pen, the 3rd place finish with Sao paulo in the Green league on flm prior to pen opening saw spragga claim a prem spot on the ps3, that was to last a single season as they were relegated at the first attempt in season 2, many said it was because he turned in to a Manual player due to the peer pressure of Antsneo and Bullstein to go manual in the main leagues, and winning 2 consecutive pen manual league titles with Galatasaray and Lyon it seemed a decent choice to play the main leagues manually, WRONG!
When pen had the infamous Reset prior to season 3, spragga now at Lyon had a comfortable time in division 1, finishing around midtable and enjoying the transfer market more than the actual games, so to an extent finishing comfortable was a good result for spragga before the abortion that was Pes 14 was released.
Pes 14 was a game of 2 halfs for many a pen manager, started absolute pony, but ended very playable for the pen managers that stuck around to see the games lifespan out. during that game, spragga in charge of West Ham now won the PS3 division 1 title, gaining his promotion back to the prem in style.
The following season was to be Spraggas final season on the playstation side before a interesting proposition to go and manage Inter Milan over on the xbox side, another decent midtable ps3 prem finish in that final season for west ham saw him given a xbox prem spot imidiately upon his arrival at the Italian giants.
Initially Spragga was continuing his midtable prem form over to the green side of pen, and 2 seasons running finishes of 6th and then 7th but only just avoiding relegation during the 7th place season finish kept things ticking over Frillypinkly in the serene setting on the green side, you see there was and is an obvious difference to the way league games are competed on xbox compared to ps3 or ps4, its more relaxed, spam and sweatyness are not nowhere near as major a factor to contend with, and that makes games much more of a battle of styles rather than battle of cheeseyness or can you cutback, pingpong, long through ball, smash away rebounds or from obvious gameing ai errors more regulary than your opponant, sure not all games are like that, but it is like that..
Then we come to spraggas final season on xbox, not that he knew that at the time, but a stonking start to the campaign for River Plate saw them claim many wins to be top of the league for almost the whole season, but the class player that TheKokoPop is he was always gonna come running and gunning (no pun intended) for his first title on pen, and things ended badly for the argentines, losses to Zola, Koko, and Cutebrownbear saw river end up in 3rd place, heartbreaking for the river fans..
Then out of nowhere spragga was offered a route back on to the playstation side, unexpectedly as well, and it was a move that held some emoton for the manager, he would not only play against long time foes such as Dortaboy, Slicklu, Bluebird and Big Boss but against managers he considers proper decent chaps in Gregmeister and Seanachais who he had never played before, but weeks bfore spragga could look forward to games against these, a place in the ps4 division 1, a place even spragga thought was his level on here at the very most was cruely taken away from him by an increse to the league numbers on ps4, and thus Spragga and his beloved West Ham United were thrust in to the boiling cauldron that is the ps4 prem, a move that was dreaded by Spragga, he was feeling like unneccesary pressure was being put upon him, with many new managers in the leagues since his last jaunt on playstation, the prem would be just a little to much for him.
Those fears are being proven as we speak, with the first 10 matches played West Ham are bottom of the prem having won 1, drawn 3, and lost 6 games so far, the games are all being contested but ultimatly Spragga and West Ham dont have the killing touch to either put games away or claw back from losing positions.
Relegation is almost nailed on with 5 teams to drop out the prem this season, i know i will be trying to claim points in every game, but i wont fall away from my pes beliefs and the way i try to play, as sometimes you gotta say you just aint good enough and get on with it.
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