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Kevin De Bruyne Is Back

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It’s been a long time since Kevin was part of JmG’s squad. In fact, it was back in 2014, during season 5 where he first appeared. Although a key player for the team, he lasted only a few months at the club before being moved on to bigger things in the Premiership at the hands of Big Boss. JmG has had a fair few favourite players in PEN during his time, and some the long serving managers could probably name a few of them, Muller, Eriksen, Lamela, and of course Kevin De Bruyne. 
We have an exclusive interview with JmG, currently managing Sevilla and hoping to secure promotion back to division 1.
Given how long you have been trying to sign Kevin, what are your feelings on him rejoining?
“I’m excited and equally relieved. It’s been almost 2 years since he was here. He is a fantastic player and will bring something new to the team, he has only improved and become one of the best midfielders in the world since his departure, so we’re glad to have someone of his ability in the squad.”
After the big success winning the title at Wolfsburg, do you think Kevin will be fully motivated to perform to the best of his abilities in the lower leagues?
“Kevin had an amazing season, and I’m sure he can emulate that here in the lower leagues, I’ve worked with him before and I know that no matter where he plays or who he plays for, he gives 100%, but don’t let the stature of the league fool you. We are still able to capture the best players in the world regardless”
You tried signing Kevin back from Big Boss on multiple occasions without success, is there any resentment there?
“None at all, Big Boss gave me more than a few opportunities to sign Kevin but at those times I just wasn’t able to make the offer he wanted. He put up with a lot of phone calls from myself to try and persuade him to let Kevin go, that says a lot about his temperament and my persistence”
Thomas Muller, another favourite of yours was involved in the trade deal, what was the thinking behind that, Muller had an exceptional season did he not?
“Yes, he was immense during his time and gave everything for his team, but we needed something more in midfield, as you’ve seen so far this season, Muller had been dropped back into an attacking midfield role, and although he has great ability, we needed someone with more vision and creativity to be in that role, and Kevin was the only answer.”
Kevin has a natural ability to roam freely, do you plan on utilising that, or being more strict?
“I know what he is capable of, and he knows it. There’s no need to put any restrictions on him. He will have instructions on the style of football we want, but he suits that perfectly already, so he doesn’t need to change anything at all really.”
There’s also been the arrival of Dries Mertens, another Belgian. How did that come about?
“We had been approached not long ago about a possible deal involving Muller, and that didn’t suit us at the time, but during my chats with Kevin, he changed our minds that he could offer a lot to the team, so as a gesture to him, we looked into a different deal and opened negotiations. He’s of a similar mould that we have come to expect from our attacking display, Lucas Moura and Piatti are prime examples, so it made sense in the end.”
Yet, there’s been some publicity that you are happy to see him leave?
“I don’t wish to play the blame game, but that decision was above myself, it’s a matter for the Board Of Directors. Personally, I would like to keep hold of him for a while, and see what happens further down the line”
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