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Wednesday, 22 June 2016 11:11

PEN Imitating Real Life

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It happens once in a while here on PEN and thats when the manager is in charge of the club they support in real life, and they react to real life transfers by spamming pm's and offers for the player in question. This time for Spragga, it was reacting to the official confirmation by the hammers owners son, Jack Sullivan on Twitter that after 12 days of rumour and media speculation, West Ham had indeed beat Champions League quality clubs to the signature of Algerian Sofiane Feghouli.
This reaction to the news saw a PM fly in Macadonna's general direction within minutes of that official confirmation, "would you take 40 mill for Feghouli" was the initial question.
"No" was the swift response, stating that a bid far exceeding 40mill had been turned down prior to wage day 1.
"Would you take 45? there is obvious reasons why I am making these offers Maca" was the next gambit.
"Not looked at the news today, is there something I have missed" was the question back.
"Yes Feghouli is a hammer, signed today" Spragga gleefully said.
Rumours of another bid exactly the same as West Ham's was mentioned to Spragga, hmmm, people do say that sometimes I thought, but dont wanna take any chances, "46mill" if you wanna post it"
"ok Spragga, leave it with me"
now it was in the laps of the gods.
Day turned to night.
No news was recieved for 48 hours or so, Spragga was interested in other players, Bony and possibly Payet if Mickjustice's admin auction vote went that way, nothing was doing, just when Spragga was about to seal the Bony deal for 40 mill, which would have left him unable to pay the Feghouli cash, Maca got back to him "50mill I was offered before" was stated. "look Maca, im willing to meet you in the middle, 48 mill lets get it done" "ok you got a deal" was the answer, and Spragga got his man.
The waiting game paid off, 48mill for West Ham's newest real life player to join Pen's West Ham Utd manager Spragga, in a deal that has PEN imitating real life once again, and thats just how I like it.
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