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Friday, 15 July 2016 12:33

Sunzi Bad: “Now this club... is my Club”

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“Coutinho? Sunzi Bad laughed. “It was never in doubt” boasted PEN’s newest high profile manager, as he presented SC Internacional’s lastest acquisition, Phillipe Coutinho, with the number 10 shirt to fans in New York, where the diminutive schemer had been in action for Brazil’s Copa America charge.

Sunzi, originally thought to be in New York to tie up negotiations for Argentina’s Nico Gaitan, revealed that the move for Gaitan was merely a smokescreen whilst the Internacional board engineered the transfer of Coutinho.



“It’s refreshing” remarked Sunzi – alluding to the struggles he faced when vying for players during his time as a myClub manager.

“I would request players from the board but the hierarchy insisted on the use of a sporting director. I’d ask for a striker but they’d give me a winger, I’d ask for a winger but they’d give me a wing-back – it was like spinning in the casino”Sunzi lamented.

Sunzi even recalled receiving Peter Crouch in response to a request for a coat-stand in his office once.

“But I had to prove myself – I had to reach the top”.

Sunzi enjoyed a two-year stint in myClub achieving success with Buenos Aires’ mighty Liver Pate but the rigidity and randomness of the league left much to be desired and so Sunzi sought out a position within the Pro Evo Network where he has since taken the helm at SC Internacional.

“My roots are in South American football – I could not think of a better place to be than at Internacional”

If Sunzi’s credentials hadn’t already spoken for him, the Coutinho deal has – clamouring fans were clearly enamoured at the Brazilian’s presentation.


Coutinho, coy in his demeanour, said little but gave clear and profound acknowledgement to how intrinsic Sunzibad was in the transfer. Smiling for cameras, Coutinho spoke of the role Sunzi had played in discovering and nurturing him at Vasco Da Gama before going on to resurrect his ailing career when he was brought to Liverpool by Sunzi from Inter Milan.

“He (Sunzi) made me. I was Internacional the day he was Internacional ” Coutinho proclaimed.

For Sunzi the move represents a coup; Coutinho is sure to become the jewel in Internacional’s crown but decidedly, this is Sunzi’s crown where he picks the gems and jewel’s - a concept foreign to him for the best part of two years.  

“myClub? The irony...” Sunzi mocked - “Now this club... is my Club”

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