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Sunday, 31 July 2016 14:50

Gotm winner - May

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This week we traveled to the northern part of the Netherlands to talk to Heerenveen manager Fubar. Heerenveen's Christoph Kramer scored an amazing back heel goal to win this months goal of the month, we will discuss this among other topics. 

Hello Fubar. It's a pleasure to be talking with you here in the city of Heerenveen. How is life treating you in the Netherlands northern province of Friesland?

Hello, it’s a different life here in Heerenveen than it was at my former stations, in Milano and Porto Alegre. The people here are nice and the media arent so abrasive and intrusive. On the other hand  it was easier to understand the people of Italy and Brazil...i'm still not sure what kind of language this is here. :D

The reason we are here today is to talk about the goal of the month winning goal by Christoph Kramer. Can you tell us about the the beautiful back heel and some details about the box to box, world cup winning midfielder?

Christopher is a great lad and a hard worker. I enjoy working with him. His goal against Betis Sevilla surprised us all. He normally isn’t the guy who is capable of such skills. He is the engine of our midfield. Destroying and disrupting the opponents game, covering every blade of grass in the process, those are his tasks and he performs them admirably. I am expecting those kind of goals from Julian or Karim, but not from Christopher. Chris will never forget this moment, it was a great goal and we all will enjoy watching it time an time again.

Now lets talk about the squad. Who are the special characters around the club? Who is the player that will never leave? and finally who would you like to bring into the club?

The club is full of special players and excellent footballers. Emre Can is the first I have to name here. He has been loyal ever since my time at Gremio. Even when I left for Heerenveen he soon followed, he controls the game with his passing, with him in the team our tempo is raised considerably. But it is not only Emre. All the lads have an important role, I can not forsee any of the players leaving in the near future, not unless we have some financial problems.

You could have a goal of the month competition all by yourself due to the amount of quality goals you score each month, what is your secret?

Shoot, shoot, shoot! I play a very defensive formation so sometimes we don’t see the opponent goal very often. When thats the case you have to take every opportunity to fire a shot at goal, no matter what the angle or distance. Julian Draxler for example likes to score the GOTM type of goals! Two free kicks and an overhead kick in the recent matches example. Maybe we can talk about a GOTM June from Julian next month ;)

You were close to promotion last season Fubar, you seem to be more of a midtable side this season, what has changed at the club ?

Yes that’s right…since we lost in the Promotion playoffs two seasons ago things took a turn for the worse. Not sure why that is, maybe the quality in Divison 2 is of higher calibre now. What I know is that in the past I was able edge out opponents to win closely fought games. Now these games are ending in draws or losses most of the time. For this season we are confident of finishing higher then the 14th place last season. We started well with 5 wins in a row but since then only 5 points out of 10 games has set us back. This negative streak will come to an end soon

Two of your fellow manual players were promoted last season, were you sad to see them go and how is manual life treating you these days?

I really miss the two lads, the games against them were the highlights of the season. They deserved the promotion because of the quality football they are playing. But it doesn’t matter how my opponent play the game (manual or not) I love playing PES and I enjoy every game in Division 2.

Germans, Germans, Germans and more Germans. Are the locals in Heerenveen sick of the sight of them? Is this a policy that will continue long into the future? And why do you sign so many Germans?

As a german I trust in my compatriots, I will continue doing this in the future as well. I'm sure the dutch people love us Germans. I'm looking forward to bringing in more of them. There are some players in the league who can not wait to finally join Heerenveen, and yes, they are German too.

What about your fellow managers in division 2 this season, have you any gossip for us? We want too know who has the best tricks and flicks, the best team you have faced this season? and whose the best individual player in the division, now that Muller has left?

What happens in Division 2 stays in Division 2. The best teams I faced this season were Rdotman and his one man army Slimani, who scored 4 against and totally outplayed me over the 90mins. I'm happy that Müller left the Division, he scored 5 against me in the two games last season. Now the best player in the league imo is Kevin DeBruyne. Like Müller he is able to do whatever he wants whenever he wants, and JmG knows how to get the best out of him.

Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk to us Fubar. We hope that you can reach the promotion playoffs again this season with those sexy skills of yours. Now.....Can you take us to Amsterdam for a party my friend?

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