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GOTM Winner - July

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I do love a Pie when I’m down Plaistow, so why not ey? Afterall, July’s Goal of the Month takes us to the East End where I caught up with me Ol’ China Spragga to talk Bangers, Mash, Parks and Pookeynoodles – so settle down and pass the liquor.

Sprags, how’s it going? How's life at the Hammer's new home ground - it's a wonderful looking stadium but will it retain the same character we have come to expect from Iron's supporters?

Hello Mr Sunzi. Not ventured to the London/Olympic Stadium yet - as you say it looks mustard on TV but I have been hearing a few negative things on various West Ham forums about it. Personally, I can’t see it ever feeling properly like “home” in the next 5 years or so. Football is all about the moments and those memories that live for ever; recreating those will take time – maybe (the Olympic Stadium) will never have that "Upton Park under lights" feel to it, still, its a lovely stadium and I’m sure the players will love playing their, if only to avoid the cockney cries of ‘Pookeynoodle’ from the stands for misplacing a pass – haha - as sadly the fans are too far away to hear now.

Sadly, I’d agree Sprags – it’s a magnificent looking stadium but having visited Upton Park myself as an away fan, I completely understand your concerns. I have fond memories of the Upton Park atmosphere.

Anyhow, we're here for the goal, and what a goal it was too! A landslide victory in July's GOTM, how does it feel to win a GOTM competition?

Feels Frillypink mate, was a stunning month of goals to be fair; any other month could have seen Govie or Bridgey as certain winners but, as Goal Of The Month, shows, everyone has different opinions on what constitutes a great goal! I, myself, love long range efforts over quick counters, but we are all different - just seems the majority went with the spectacular this month...

No doubt – and spectacular it certainly was! Moussa's no stranger when it comes to quality, but did you know he was capable of an acrobatic like that? 

Ha ha, no - not at all! He is more your beast running with the ball rather than your nimble, light on his feet, player capable of something out of the Hugo Sanchez school of acrobatic finishes.

Ahhhh Hugo Sanchez... that takes me back – what a player! I’m sure Hugo’d be proud of that! Talk us through the goal please

OK, so it was a big game for West Ham that day; deep in the Premiership relegation mire and facing off against a tough opponent in Wheresmark who had beat me 4-3 in the reverse fixture earlier this season. A lot at stake then? Definitely! The game was well poised with the score-line 1-1 when I we got a corner in the 15th – with Ricardo Rodriguez on set piece duty anything is possible, however the ball was uncharacteristically poor and easily cleared by the defence. As the ball lobbed out seemingly harmlessly to around the 25 yard mark, Moussa seemed to come out of nowhere and attempt an impossible flying scissor kick from hell! The moment it left his foot, I was gobsmacked! I think we were all were. The perfect angle on it to beat Sergio Romero all ends up; flying past him at some pace too! It was easily the most spectacular goal I have scored in PES2016.

The ever changing nature of PEN has meant that Moussa has since, somewhat surprisingly, left for Boca Juniors. After such a cracking goal and impressive EURO 2016 what has caused Moussa to leave so soon? To all, it looked like he and Cheikou had struck a fantastic accord in the middle of the park?

That is PEN in a nutshell for me - Venom (Boca manager) came at me with 70M PENce for Moussa which proved too irresistible. Venom knew the score; he was wanting his ability over in Argentina (Who wouldn’t to be fair). It was a shame to dissolve the Kouyate-Sissoko partnership but sometimes the cash is more important to the team than the player although, in all honesty, I am still yet to replace Sissoko at the heart of my team. I believe that only Pogba would be worthy.

That is some regard Sissoko is held in – let’s hope that you don’t come to regret the sale of Moussa as they don’t come better than Pogba.

Let’s talk about West Ham’s season.

How's life in the PS4 leagues? After strong finishes on the Green half of the Console world - West Ham have seemingly struggled for consistency; is it merely just inconsistency or are there underlying factors for West Ham's mixed fortunes this season?

Not sure how to answer this one – hailing from the original PS3 leagues on PEN with varying degrees of success which included highlights such as a Division 1 title on PES2014, but the disappointments of relegations from the Premiership in both PES2013 and 2014, I’d regard myself as a yo-yo PEN manager at best. I’ve only once survived relegation from the PS3 Prem. I got my XBOX One shortly after and moved over to the green side where the game was played in a much more leisurely fashion which, I think, relaxed preparations ahead of my move back to PS4 this season. I have had some decent results in the second half of the season but the damage had already been done - a mish-mash if you will but to give you an idea, we only managed 10 points in our first 17 games, in stark contrast to the 19 points we have earned in the last 12 with 6 remaining. Relegation is certain I think – but we’ll be making a fist of it. And we wouldn’t come to expect anything less of the Hammers.

I expect preparations for next season are already underway...In fact, rumours surrounding the return of Carlitos Tevez are rife - is it just paper talk Sprags, or does West Ham have the paper to talk and bring the mercurial Argentine home?

As you may be aware, there was a social media campaign for Tevez to return to West Ham which would in fact be his inaugural introduction to the Network since its inception in 2013. #prayforcarlitos was a major success – I know, I was a part of it!, Ha ha! Carlitos jetted in late on Friday to re-sign for the Irons in a mega deal sanctioned by the Board of Directors. To be fair, we did propose four of the Network’s finest, including Javier Pastore and Serge Aurier in addition to tabling 40M PENce to the Bank of Davo.

Deadline Day may be a little less exciting for West Ham but Carlitos is home and raring to go...In truth, I wouldn’t worry about Deadline Day – I don’t think it gets any more exciting than Carlitos Tevez’s first ever appearance in Pro Evo Network and that too for West Ham!

As the season draws to a close can you give fans an insight in to the plan for West Ham going in to the close season and season 10?

I’m looking forward to PEN on PES2017; a new beginning, albeit in all likelihood in Division 1 with relegation looming but I have every right to be excited in Division 1; there’s some good lads there, some tough players and, of course, I will have a Tevez shaped weapon to hurt people with.

Well, there you have it – Cheers Sprags and congratulations once again on a cracking goal! Good luck for the August GOTM as well as the remainder of your season.

Let’s hope West Ham can steer clear of relegation. In any case, cheers for the Pie mate -  I cannot wait to see Carlitos back in London where he’s sure to get the atmosphere back to it’s best and back to levels rivalling the cauldron that was Upton Park.

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