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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 22:39

GOTM Winner - August

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August's GOTM and the last one for Season 9 fittingly ends with a trip to Japan to meet MRB, manager of the XBOX League Champions, Urawa Red Diamonds! It's also my first interview of a member from the XBOX side of PEN... Let's get to it.

First and foremost a massive congratulations is in order!

Thank you very much!

After a tumultuous season on the Green half of The Network, were the league was revamped mid-season, give us your thoughts on the season, your title run, and how Urawa took to the challenge.

The changes that occurred made the Xbox Side a much better place. With Season 9 being my 4th full season, I can honestly say it's been by far the most enjoyable, regardless of winning the league. It has been great to meet and chat to all the new people on Xbox. Urawa Red Diamonds began the season on fire. I'd spent the previous season assembling a squad that was balanced and versatile, and it worked. We were pushed all the way by Botofogo, but ultimately taking 6 points off them secured the title.

Let's get to the reason why we are here, that goal by Andrea Barzagli! What a strike. Talk us through the goal.

It goes down as one of my favourite ever goals! The keeper came out of his area to make the clearance, and when the ball was falling to Barzagli in space my mind just went into some super David Beckham inspired state. I thought, I've got to hit this, but if I shoot it will probably be underpowered and too flat, so I've got to attempt a lofted pass over the stranded GK. The power 35 year old Barzagli managed to generate with little backlift was incredible, he probably needs to be checked for some augmented bionic legs.

His goal takes the plaudits but how has the man, nicknamed The Wall, settled at Urawa after coming in for a pretty big fee earlier in the season?

Barzagli "The Wall" or "The Rock", formed part of the famous Urawa "Diamond Defence", alongside Radu and Veltman. He's the best tackler I've ever had in my team, and his positioning is second to none. I actually believe he was a bargain! I was the only person to bid on him in an auction, and won with my opening bid of 25m. I was happy to pay 40m.

Back to the goal I understand that there was a manual aspect involved, is this a part of your game you have been working on?

Yes that's right, the lofted pass I hit was manual. Using manual in general for shots outside the box is something I've been doing more and more to a good degree of success. My other entry into the August GOTM was a 35 yard manual strike with Veltman, that I was pretty proud of.

An excellent season 9 for the champions - observers expected big movers in Japan ahead of Urawa's title defence; how was your Deadline Day?

The fax machine was off. Nobody left the club, and despite a hefty transfer budget, nobody was brought in. Two last minute bids were placed on Reus and Rooney, but both were unsuccessful. It's a shame that no deals were done after an extremely successful previous Deadline Day, but keeping the funds leaves me in a good position for Season 10.

How are Urawa shaping up for Season 10; care to provide us with an insight or are you playing this one close?

Pre-Season has been spent experimenting tactically and identifying area's that can be strengthened. I will be on the lookout for a CF for sure, but we'll see what happens.

So PES2017 is finally here - what do you think of it? Can you give us a quick run down of the good, the bad and the ugly now that you've had a chance to get hands-on.

I'm loving it, and I've been flying. Online divisions had been my mode of choice, and I'm currently sitting at 5th in the rankings despite only using 3.5-4.5* teams. myClub is myClub, but I do enjoy a spin. I believe the game is incredible, it just feels right to play, and I'm going to be playing it a lot. Team play with the other Xbox members has also been a joy for the first time in years.

Finally, an influx of new managers promises to make season 10 one of the best ever; what are Urawa's hopes for the new season and how are your team taking to the tag of favourites?

Urawa will be hoping to regain their title, but the first season of a new PES I tend to spend adjusting the team and building for the next season, so I would expect to see more of the same. It's going to be a lot closer than Season 9. One thing I can say for sure, is that PEN is going to be absolutely buzzing! Season 10 is shaping up to be fantastic on an incredible game. PEN truly is the best place to play PES!

There you have it, what a way to end Season and what a goal to take the gong. Congratulations once again go out to MRB.

As season 10 edges ever closer, I look forward to the resumption of GOTM - be sure to stick around for more great goals from the world of Pro Evo Network.

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