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The Wanderer Returns

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After a full season at the helm of Reading FC and a short stint at Turin, the somewhat outspoken and eccentric manager Cakey_b has returned from the wilderness. Some will remember his initial appointment into PEN management taking control of a lacklustre Reading side and turning them into title contenders. 
Lots of wheeling and dealing in the market saw the squad change over and over. Sometimes the fans were in awe, others thought the new era was that of a tinker man destined for too much scrutiny by the board he would drive the team to lower depths than some thought imaginable.
Well the doubters and critics were to eat their words, the PS4 Division 2 title race was taken to the wire and Reading earned promotion.
Having felt he had taken the current crop of players as far as he could, the manager earned a big money move to Turin. The bright lights of the old lady shone and it was just too much of an inviting endeavour for the manager to turn down.
Some players followed suit and joined their manager at Juventus. The season started with a bang, and after a few games Juve were flying high. Somehow in the euphoria after the dust settled, he was gone………
Juve fans were seen crying in the streets. What was once a European super power and with recent results hopes and dreams began to flourish again. But without words to address the press/fans/club their newly appointed manager had disappeared. Speculation began to surface of a kidnapping from a rival team. These were initially quashed by the club and the police. No statement was ever presented as to why the manager has left his post. The club flying high and it seemed to be full steam ahead to the PS4 Division 1 title.
Now some few months later reports have resurfaced that the manager has been seen in Portuguese city of Braga. Italian media have refused to read too much into these reports and coverage is minimal in the city of Turin.
Now an official statement from Antonio Salvador at SC Braga has revealed he has put his faith in the somewhat unreliable manager. Fans have had protests outside the club ground as they feel the appointment to be a risky one. But it seems the board see it differently after discussions with cakey_b, they feel he is now in a position to take the club forward in the PS4 Division 1 East. The newly created league has some big name clubs and managers to contend with.
The board are backing the manager with a war chest of 80million PENce.
Cakey_b has wasted no time in getting to grips with the treacherous transfer market again. Big money signings Luuk De Jong, Samu Castillejo and Toni Kroos have boosted fans confidence in him.
I guess only time will tell if he can reproduce the heady heights of his time at Reading competing with managers like @phillyrich or @cloughy
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