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Sunday, 04 December 2016 11:20

Team AWOL 2016/2017

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It is that time of the year, the birds have gone south and Konami has released a datapack, it is mostly a visual update, but there are changes in the player database that are affecting the whole community that is ProEvoNetwork. (For those who do not know it all ready, AWOL is short for: Absent Without Official Leave)
Players come and go, it is a part of the beautiful game and PEN. Age takes it toll, long spells of injuries, personal issues, not getting renewed their contract or Konami just simply forgetting to add the player because they really want Messi’s beard to look good in rain.
Some hang up their boots, others sign for a club in America, Middle east, China or another league that are not licensed. The odd ones give up football to be a musician (eg Osvaldo -16) while other believe the world goes under and just quit their team (eg Roa -99).
This year we were blessed with Konami delaying the removal of some players, stuck in limbo these boys got their last dance on the pitch knowing the winter would come fast.
Desperate managers tried to get their money back, hoping that there was others that would take the risk for them. “Bargain” they said. Some were lucky, other stuck it out. They did not know for how long, but one thing was certain, they were going.
Red, sore and wet eyes, now they all depends on the BOD to clean up their mess. But if they do take the BOD’s offer, they will lose the ownership of the player.
We took a closer look on some of the players that left the leagues of PEN with datapack 2. For this occasion we were so lucky to get hold of Kristian, the new Birmingham City’s manager, who got the honour to pick his best eleven from the missing players:
Hi Kristian, we have seen that your first season in the Playstation 4 Premiership has been a bumpy ride. What are your thoughts about your season so far and what do you think of Birmingham City’s existence in the Premiership?
“Yeah, it has been quite an experience to play in the Premiership. The teams you are facing are stacked with quality players and most of the managers are veteran PEN’ers that do not give anything away for free, you get punished hard for the slightest slip and error. 
After a decent start we had a run of six defeats in a row which we luckily get out of and got three wins on the bounce. We are all ready in the relegation battle and with six out of twenty teams going down, it is going to be a dog fight.”
My “TEAM AWOL” got a frillypink four-four-two going with four central backs for maximum narrowness and cross combating giants, followed by a holding mid behind three magicians, topped with speed and a hard hitting maverick:
GK Jefferson (79)
Great shot stopper, but has not played a match for Botafogo since 2014. Together with goalkeepers like Abbiati and Barovero he has left PES and PEN, but maybe not forever?
CB Moisander (80)
A GREAT defender in PES and PEN, just not that great for club and Finland.
CB M. Bayal Sall (80)
The man mountain and strongman Sall went for cash and signed for Al-Arabi Sports Club. Not very surprising for me as he actually disappeared three months after signing for the norwegian side SK Start back in 2006, just to sign for AS St-Etienne “because they paid better”. He got a four month ban after that, but was probably to good for Norway anyway.
CB Alex (80)
For me a PES classic, great central defender and that shot power!
CB Mauricio (80)
Injury prone central defender that signed for FC Spartak Moscow.
DMF D.Pizarro (79)
The 37 YO that played on borrowed time at Santiago Wanderers. Spent the years from 99-15 in Italy with two loan spells in Chile (-01) and Manchester City (-12). Was snapped up as a bargain numberous of times the last few seasons.
AMF Van der vaart 80
Another PES classic. Chose the danish side FC Midtjylland to get closer to his new girlfriend(?) The dutch handballer, Estavana Polman, who plays in Denmark.
AMF A. Halilovic (77)
One of the most promising young talents of European football. Surely returning back to PEN sometime.
AMF J. Quintero (79)
The Colombian magician has been loaned out to the colombian side Medellin from Porto to the end of 2017. Will he be back?
LWF Lens (79)
On loan from Sunderland to the Turkish side Fenerbache. Played for Holland early November before he got injured, could be back in PEN with Halilovic if Konami bother to update the national sides.
CF Osvaldo (80)
Maybe this season’s worst AWOL: Has apparently turned his back on football so he can devote more time to playing in his band. Deserves a place in this team just for that.
Thank you for your time and good luck patching up your teams!
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