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14 Dec 2016

Untill Lambs Become Lions

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Where does man find the strenght to get up after fallen deep into the dungeons of last season division 1? Let's have a chat with manager Lisoti.. After getting a great start in the Reserve League, SC International got the boost they didn't expected to get. A hot spot in Div1 next to the demi gods and just one league away from Premiership. It was time to turn words into actions and more importantly into goals! 
As SC International became Real Sociedad and the pressure became real, manager Lisoti had a real tough start. With the new PES2016 coming in and tasting of some manual techniques, the manager told his team to go for manual shooting. Players reacted surprised but followed the manager as good huntsmen. Unfortunatly it didn't resulted in the dreamstart the fans were all waiting for. Loss after loss struck Real Sociedad, bad luck? Off day? Scripted play.. Call it what you wanted, the only thing the board of Real Sociedad was seeing, was the red area were the relegation teams were gatherring to play tag with each other.
Also was Sociedad having serious troubles converting real chances into goals. Lisoti took a stand and asked the board for extra money to get a finisher!
It was a long and great search but mister Rossi was found to come reinforce the attackers, and that he did!
Even though a spot in the top was a far far away fairytale, the mindset was to give everything they got and climb out of the pit of doom.
The turn around may had out of a match with Baz where they succeed to win a emotional battle.
Sociedad was picking up small points to make that first step to salvation. Drastic teamchanges came up as Munir and Jorginho were let go for the arrival of the one and only French attacking Freak called Lacazette! But with every new player, the teamspirit needs to be found again and that takes time.
In the end it turned out to be too late by a couple of points. Safe haven could be seen, but never be reached..
Waiting for relegation news and a possible firing of the manager was unevitable, but something suprising happend!
News was brought that the new season would contain many new managers and that there would be two div1 leagues! Real Sociedad was being spared and given another chance to proof them selves to the fans and why they should be in Div1.
Real Sociedad became SC International again! They regrouped, had a firm talk and they are back to normal shooting and fighting for a 'green'spot'. You may have not seen it, but fighting spirit is written all over them boys from Brazil.
With 7 points out of their first 5 games thus far, this may be some Lion cubs who have woken up..
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