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Saturday, 24 December 2016 12:14

Dortmund Slag Train

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When Spragga left his beloved West Ham United during the franchise window, he had led the team to 9 straight defeats in the ps4 prem, fielding a team of decent players but so far not truly reconised by Konami, also a defence and keeper not up to much for the most part.
When all looked doomed for this squad, Spragga found himself with the choice of 2 Franchises, having paid a huge amount to get Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund in the auctions, Spragga's thinking was there are many Man Utd fans on pen, surely they will want to offer players and cash or even big cash to play with their beloved team, but no, all the Utd fans on pen are obviously as loyal as a sewer rat, and Spragga had to almost beg a Utd fan to pay 15 mill, 10 mill less than he had paid to become Man U's manager.
That left Spragga free to take the reigns at newly added to Pes Dortmund with their shiny kits and shiny new stadium definately an exciting team to take over for the coming year.
After the move was made official, Dortmund were now the team sitting rooted at the bottom of the prem table 0 wins and 9 losses out of 9, something had to give, only Dimitri Payet the player capable of being classed as indispensible to Spragga, even Carlos Tevez was struggling, Spragga unable to get the player to gel after he resigned the player for a 2nd time.
So after a shock offer for misfiring Tevez from Cakey, the proposed offer was to straight trade the player with Toni Kroos, this was a player Spragga had never owned before, a player who was always either out of reach or genuinly not thought to be the type he liked, only 2 matches with Kroos in the squad and that opinion was shattered in big style, a quality player worthy of the slag tag he holds.
Now there was 2 slags at Dortmund, Payet and Kroos, Spragga wanted one more, another attacking threat, so when last fridays auctions were revealed, it was not a tough decision to see Angel Di Maria's name there and not want to get the player over to Dortmund, that deal was made for 50million PENce, 50 million!!! for Di Maria, sweet!!!
These are 3 big players, Dortmunds wages are extortionate but while all 3 are here, the team needs to pick up points and quickly, when you add young upcoming players like Pulisic, Jordan Lukaku and the beast that is Bakayoko there is a feel good factor around Dortmund, possible upgrades coming to Bakayoko and surely to Idrissa Gueye in february things are rosy right now.
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