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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 11:55

A month in the life of a new PEN manager

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I think it's fair to say that my first month on PEN has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride!

Having played a couple of friendlies against MRB I was soon given a spot in the Xbox Prem and given the task of making Genoa a PEN superpower. The squad I inherited had some real quality but also plenty of deadwood that needed shifting so it was with the considerable help of my mentor, Mr Spragga that I set out to mould the team in my image.

 First and foremost I noticed that the average age and size of the squad needed reducing but more importantly two gaping holes were noticeable immediately and needed filling quickly. However in my eagerness to get started and with the transfer window being shut I jumped straight in at the deep end and played my first league game with an unbalanced squad. It proved to be a big mistake as a 1-0 defeat against Tazaar that was more comfortable than the scoreline suggested was not the most auspicious of starts. I needed to find a formation to see me through to the window with minimal damage, and in playing friendlies against various members I was able to do so whilst enjoying a relaxed stress free game unlike the win at all costs cesspit of myclub.

After a couple of weeks it was finally time to experience the mad house of the transfer window! With a 30m PENce war chest burning a hole in my pocket I set out to make the squad my own.  My whole philosophy relies heavily on the use of an anchor man DMF and thus I set out to find someone suitable, and as luck would have it I found the ideal anchor man as well as a top class LB to fill the most problematic areas of my squad. After some negotiating Durm and Baena became the first signings of the Genoa revolution with Sturaro and 13m going the other way. From that moment on I was hooked, PM's were sent and threads were made and the net result is a much more balanced and versatile squad culminating in the club record signing of Musa for 44m PENce. During this time Spragga must have felt like a doctor on call but never once complained and was always willing to help, something which can also be said of all the experienced members on the site. It would have been completely overwhelming without the help, but you never feel that way on here with people only too happy to answer your queries.

The 2 weeks of the window were like a revolving door at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, as 1 player arrived another left. The squad size was cut from 20 to 18, the average age was reduced by a year and a half and the quality greatly improved whilst making sure to balance the books along the way to avoid the horrors of administration. The creative advertising genius of Mr Lisoti helped to sell Brad Smith who was then replaced by the pacey Durm. Nastasic joined the Serbian revolution at Chelsea for a monster 35m PENce and was replaced by relative unknown Arribas at the heart of the defence. He and Acerbi or the AA as they have been affectionately dubbed due to their ability to rescue any situation have since formed a formidable partenrship. Malafaia and Cristian were jettisoned with Baena and Bridcutt arriving to share the anchor man workload and giant young Monaco striker Carrillo arriving to take the pressure off star man and the Xbox prem top scorer Choupo Moting for 28m PENce.

This greater quality is beginning to show on the pitch as the opening loss became a distant memory. With a meteoric rise to 2nd place in the league including inflicting the only defeat on title favourites and defending champions Urawa Red Diamonds, a cup final due to be played and a record 15 streak on the winner stays on. It has been hectic but incredibly fun few weeks and i'm sure it will only get better as I become more accustomed to the many intricacies of the site.


In just 1 month, i've built a rapport with many people and that's what gaming is about for me. Playing PES for the love of football, and doing so in a way that your opponent enjoys the game win, lose or draw and this site epitomises that better than most. To be continued.....

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