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Sunday, 29 January 2017 21:21

Xbox Blog - Edition 2

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Welcome back for another look into and around the PEN Xbox leagues. Hopefully we can provide a little bit more info about what is going on around our leagues, our members and all the bits in between as well as having a few laughs along the way. That being said lets get going!

Around the leagues

Its been a quiet couple of weeks since we last visited but there has been some big changes off the field as the Managers spend all there hard earned cash trying to find the right blend in there teams, some players don’t even get to unpack there boot bag before there being shipped out again. It will be interesting to see how these changes pan out for the managers.

Some games to keep an eye out for in the next batch of fixtures.

MR RED IIXII V Kishore_513
Predators FC V Buff05
Beezo V Predators
Smithers J0nes V Tazarr
Oldeuboi V Ginger Pele
Oldeuboi V Ronbhoy7


New Blood/Fresh Meat

A warm PEN welcome to Birdperson who joins us all the way from sunny Texas. Now it turns out Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (Google him) was wrong and there are in fact a wide variety of people that come from Texas and we may have found ourselves PEN’s first doctor!  Great to have you onboard buddy.


Xbox Premiership

10 games played 9 wins,  27 goals  Ginger Pele is on the march. He has moved up to 2nd in the division and might be the only man in between MRB and another title. Adrian83 is very close but may rue those 2 draws and loses earlier in the season. Danny1894 has returned and his bionic finger is certainly doing the business for him rattling off some nice wins and only a solitary defeat to Urawa Reds blotting his copy book although our sources say there is more to come from this man.  Jlizzle still props up the table but hasn’t played any further games since our last visit.


Division 1

Predators FC is still on top of the mountain but has dropped some points losing a tough match 3-1 vs  newboy Birdperson. He was furious after the game and left his team in no doubt that this type of performance would not be tolerated. We predicted improvement in Antony’s form and we got it as he picked up his first win of the season vs BirdpersonC which just goes to show anyone really can beat anyone in the Xbox PEN circles.


WSO Latest

Current champ is Adrian with another streak of 10. We need a hero to wrestle this belt back from him.  Leo and Oldeuboi had a wee try of wrapping it round there waste but was too heavy a burden and quickly passed on.



How’s those predictions going so far you ask ?
Let's see (green means a correct prediction red means we got it more wrong than Alan Hansen with kids)  And if you haven’t played your first round match get a wriggle on!

Rumley1993 V Adrian83
Smithers J0nes V Buff05
Oldeuboi V Bye
Mr Red IIXII V Alx1234
Danny1894 V MattyPThaG
ScaryCaravan V Balonga1
ClaretChris V Bye
Leonidas 540bc V Jeeemy
Ronbhoy7 V Bye
BirdPersonC137 V Scottish Champ
Jlizzle4Shizzle V Beezo
Predators FC V Antony
Ginger Pele WHU V Tazarr
Kishore_513 V SgorauKoller
Socksyy V Bye


Member Spotlight - Leonidas 540bc

A little corner of the internet to interrogate our members and find out a bit more about them. The first Man in the spotlight this week is King Leonidas!

Who are ya?

Leonidas 540bc

When did you first start playing PES?

I was a huge FIFA player until 96 when a couple of mad rastafarian guys I knew introduced me to ISS. I've never looked back - i've have every version of ISS/WINNING ELEVEN/PES since....

What Brought you to PEN ?

I was part of the original PEN - playing league games on Xbox with my PSV team. Good times. Took a sabbatical when I had my first kid - but came back when PES got good again (2013 I think)

How Long have you been here?

As above - a long time! To be honest I love the banter and luckily the game is now as good as the people I play against so I can't see me leaving until I'm senile. Or dead.

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

I loved FIFA way back. Getting the first 'virtual stadium' version on the 3DO (look it up). But PES offers a superior game now for sure - there are subtleties that FIFA could only dream of having. And to be honest, most of the lads online I've spoken to say that FIFA is not as good, and more importantly, the FLM community are dry as toast - so no urges to defect.

PEN Honours ?

Couple of goals of the month. PEN award for Frillypinkst player to play against or something. The real honour is being part of the community.

What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

Job - Multimedia Designer by trade. Adobe certified professional.
Love anything Vampire - huge collection of books and movies.
Tattoos - love them - have many but want more!
Kettlebell freak - love using the big ball of iron!
Currently still getting used to living in Greece - many challenges but you guys help keep me sane.

If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

Adebayo Akinfenwa - big strapping b*****d who's happy to put his foot in, but in actuality is just a Frillypink big fella with a big heart.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I designed the original PRO EVO NETWORK logo! I've also done the current one and have already started on a new revised one.
My real name is also Leonidas! 45 years old, two kids, amazing wife.
I live on the sunshine island of Rhodes - still hoping to get a meetup arranged in Faliraki at some point!


Member Spotlight - Predators FC


Who are ya?

My name is James, am 30 years old, I'm a Birmingham City fan.

When did you first start playing PES?

I've been playing PES since the ISS days on SNES, early 90s

What Brought you to PEN ?

I seen a post by Goat on PESFan about the league and it intrigued me, the rest is history

How Long have you been here?

This is my first season on PEN, I joined in September

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

I’ve always been Pro fan over Fifa only years I bought Fifa was when pes went to s**t for a few years, I got latest Fifa for free of my uncle so I play both but pro 95% of the time if I'm gonna play a football game. I would rather fight the horse-sized duck as at least it's just the one to focus on lol

PEN Honours ?

None as of yet, I've had a few big wins and am pleased with how I've done in the league.

What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

I work in delivery all around West Midlands. I'm massive football fan so watch a lot, obviously play pes a lot, see my gf, go pub with friends, I also watch a lot of series/movies, try go gym as much as I can, go to around 5-10 blues games a season.

What football team do you support?

Birmingham City/Blues

If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

Would have to go with Neymar, young, crazy talent, playing for Barca, mega rich haha

Tell us something we might not know about you?

At night I'm batman



Here’s the first round of goals from our members thanks to all that submitted them!

Scored a cracker that’s not eligible for the main PEN GOTM competition, send me a link from youtube or and we’ll highlight the best ones each edition only condition is that’s its scored vs another PEN member.

That’s all for this edition folks, We’ll be back at our typewriter in time for fixtures 20-22! Cheers.

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