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Back when league spots were like gold dust, we had to wait weeks, or even months before receiving the key to the golden gates of pen heaven. The reserve league was the way to show your commitment and get involved with the community. So today we shine the spotlight on a few of the survivers of a one particular reaserve league season.

First up is Daz84 aka Samcro
The rude boy of the then newbies, his style was cuthroat as well as his discussions, love him or hate him he made quite an impression on the forums and in the reserve league. At one point being called out on his style,

looking back now he can see the funny side,

"I was f**king raging lol. Reason I was p**sed off was I had already cut out the spammy s**t. Then got pulled up for being a MyClub spammy pookeynoodle"

How his playstyle has changed since then is like night and day, well if night and day were the same thing. Daz would go on to win the reserve league, a title he polishes every morning, in his kilt, after his square sausage roll and tattie scone. Despite the initial controversy he is still here and we soon found out over time, he has a softer side to his cold heart, no not his back fat. His party chat is soft and gentle, ironically like his back fat.  He would go on to raise money for pens charity, and spending his own to put towards the cause, buying both home and away charity kits.
Soon after conquering the reserve league he was granted a league spot in D1 by the PEN Gods, was this the division Daz thought was fair for his ability?

"Yeah D1 was about right, D2 would've been too easy imo" *smirk*

Rude boy indeed, we also asked if Daz if he had any negative experiences so far. . .

"None, loved every minute here so far."

Daz is now pushing for promotion to the prem, is this his end aim?

"The end aim for me, is to build a nice team I'm happy with, and continue to enjoy playing pes with like minded fans"

A end to our chat with the humble daz. Was a good time to wrap it up before his split personalty..well..erm.. split


Next up is Lisoti aka Fajadebaxio

Lioneel, joined the reserves at the same time as daz, DJ truckstop , Niko and myself.  A lover of pes and good football, lisoti would soon show his dark side (and his back side) to opponents when 'konami would fk him' he used to be partial to the odd rage quit, the rage not aimed towards his opponent, but to Konami. A quote from daz sums up lisoti (at the time) on his reserve league memories "Smashing Lisoti 6-0 after 65mins then he rage quit!"

Lisoti on his early rage:

"Well what can I say, I was young and reckless, i still had nasty habits and rage from my online division experience. Konami errors pushing me to the limits made me a dangerous man haha
ps. I only had like 2/3 rage quits btw
But thanks to the mic up matches and certainly the fair play on PEN, i soon became more relaxed, while still playing with extreme passion, in training, friendly or league fixtures.. they are all champion league finals to me. Also had a mentor in disguise to help guide and pull me through"

Once lisoti stopped showing his backside to us. He started to show his front side, swinging his balls by beating prems Big Boss three times in a row, not a bad feat, considering boss went on to win the premiership that season.

"My best moment was the 7-0 beating of Kitchengun ofcourse! But also receiving compliments from people in the prem/D1 after friendlies with them. I recall beating BigBoss two or three time in a row, which made me feel awesome"

There was talk of him heading to the prem soon after, but alas this seemed to be a fluke effort and was eventually placed with daz in D1.

"At first I was afraid I would be rated too highly, as i was placed in D1, and after the poor start to the season, and crazy loosing streak my worries grew even more. But after strengthening and figuring out the pros and cons of my team, and with PES17 being much better in most situations, I feel at home in D1. No longer do i feel like 'unlucky lisoti' anymore"

Lisoti would eventually be relegated from D1, but an expansion to the league gave him a second bite at the division, with D1 now being split into east and west, could he be the first member to be relegated from the same division in consecutive seasons? We can only hope. On the flip side to this, Lioneel response on his future plans for league glory:

"The ultimate goal is to have a smashing team and enter that Prem division like a boss"

We can't end without mentioning Lisoti's dealings in the transfer market, his transfer threads are somewhat insane, who can forget the chainsaw massacre madness, leaving us to think he may actually be some sort of escaped institutional lunatic


Now we are checking out NikoNikolson aka The Skillmaster. That fake shot you've been working on for 2 weeks is put to shame once you have a game with Niko and his showboating skills. One thing you may not know is where Nikos name comes from. The answer is Finland. . . But the Nikolson part comes from being able to do "Jack Nikolsons (sexy) eyebrow look"

Sexy indeed

Niko waited patiently for a league spot but when the time came, it wasn't ideal, instead of waiting for the following season he was giving a spot at the back end of season 8.

"I was placed into the premiership with 5 games to be played, i was guaranteed relegation even if I won all five remaining matches"

So his real season started in D1 with lisoti and Daz soon after. One of Nikos first transfers was M Kramer, a giant of a man who would put headers away with ease, but we would soon find out he was merley a bench player. I asked Niko "Why is Kramer not playing, as he is an incredible goal threat" And at his response I collapsed, grasping the pain that was suffocating my chest. . . "I can't cross"

While in A&E I had a revelation, I couldn't skill, Niko couldn't cross. There was a trade off to be had, and the rest is pes history. When asked about his memories of the reserve league he responded with

"I remember competitive games of the reserve league, especially vs daz (who beat me 5-1 in first fix and i beat 9-1 in the return fixture). Needless to say it was easy going games. Lisoti was always more simple ;). It was good times with great lads in the reserve league. Me, Kitchen, Daz and Lisoti all ended up in Div 1 East - the premiership division of Division 1"

Favourite parts of PEN so far?

"Best parts of my pen career have to be winning a community night cup twice with bjj euro champion rambo, and once with goggz. But best part hands down was being given the league spot and my own squad. Which still has 3 original members a year later"

We wrap this short but insightful round up of the reserve leaguers with myself.

I came into pen with no knowledge of recent pes' or online mayhem that the world had changed into. The kids had took over for a long time, then i got back into gaming and was desperate to play a decent enough match and get a place in the league. Hell getting onto the reserve league was an achievement enough. I was buzzing. Loved the site and still do. Online games was a childhood dream, to be able to play others from around the world. I had no key to the pen gates, so I was climbing the fence to get in. A warm welcome and and chat invites with Nic, who was not only easy to chat to but has a wicked sense of humour, which left me in stiches at times. I was sold, hooked on pen and desperate to  gain a coveted league spot.

The reserve league games were a buzz, a buzz I've still not outgrew or lost. I won, lost and drew games, my confidence was growing with each comprtitive match, except I had one monkey on my back. DJ truckstop, a premiership player in the making. He would lure me in, play his chess game and right when I thought I had him, checkmate

So I played him almost daily, for weeks, until one glorious afternoon, i kicked that monkey in the face. I was finally ready and a new challenger was born. While the weeks passed I was given a place in D2. Was I in the right division, a spot lower than the other reserves. I didn't know but it was the best thing that could've happen. I learned from each game, and pushed for promotion, it was a fantastic season, one i will never forget. The reserve league is were we all learned patience, new styles, a fair way to play and a more forgiving attitude to each other, through mic usage, maybe not a must as daz says, but it certainly helped to learn the ropes before making the jump to league member.

A stepping stone and a fantastic way to start the your career as a manager on PEN, and to intergreate into the PEN community.

The reserve league, spotless.

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