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Thursday, 09 February 2017 09:53

Xbox Blog - Edition 3

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Welcome back for another look into and around the PEN Xbox league. Hopefully we can provide a little bit more info about what is going on around our leagues, our members and all the bits in between as well as having a few laughs along the way. That being said lets get going!


Here’s the second round of goals from our members thanks to all that submitted them!

Scored a cracker that’s not eligible for the main PEN GOTM competition, send me a link from youtube or and we’ll highlight the best ones each edition only condition is that’s its scored vs another PEN member.


New Blood!

A warm welcome to the league to Coachteddy who will take over the vacancy as Besiktas in the Xbox League. Plus points for being a fellow scot. Lose points for having a different name than your gamertag (Zezu10) welcome to the show mate.

Also some boys hoping to join in the fun are PIPPSs, Goaterslips, Philr and WorrisomeOwl get these boys added on xbox and show them the warm soft bosom of the Xbox PEN community whilst they wait for a spot in the league.


Around the leagues

All aboard the one big division bus!!! Due to retirements, sackings and mysterious disappearances we are all going to be in one big ‘happy’ division. I’m sure some of the division one boys will be splitting up the happy campers of the Premier league. More games for us all to get our teeth into so lets make sure we rattle them off as soon as possible to stay on pace. Big thanks to the guys in the background getting the wheels moving on this. We will have an in depth look at the first round of fixtures next time but while you wait. We spoke to betPEN and they have given us the latest Title odds.

To win the title.

MRB 4/7 Fav
Ginger Pele 2/1
Adrian 3/1
Danny 10/1


WSO Latest

Adrian is still the champ 834 wins and counting, someone just beat him FFS.



The draw for the 3rd round of the cup is out and has thrown up some interesting ties. None tastier than Ginger Pele Vs. Danny. The Pens staff prediction is 3-1 to Pele, Reus MOM we spoke to both gaffers ahead of the game.

You have got an extremely tough draw in the next round of the cup, how do you think your boys will fair against Ginger Pele?

If I play my game I'll always fancy myself to do well, it's a tough draw but I don't consider myself down and out already.

Have you played many times before if so what were the games like?

We've only played once before, I was victorious in a 3-2 win. A draw would have been fair but having gone 2-0 up I would have been annoyed if I didn't win.

Who do you think will be your key man?

Ooooooooh Franco Di Santo!

Are there any weaknesses on the other side of the pitch you are keen to exploit?

I think I'm my own problem, if I play my game I expect to do well.

If you make it who would you like in the next round and why?

Oldeboi or Mr Red as both are terrible.

Ginger Pele
You have got a tough draw in the next round of the cup, how do you think your boys will fair against Danny?

Having changed formation in recent days I'm feeling confident that I've found the right formula now and will be hoping to put a few not so good results behind me.

Have you played many times before if so what were the games like?

Only played Danny once, which was a league game last week. In an end-to-end game he came out the 3-2 winner. Will be looking to put my chances away this time around.

Who do you think will be your key man?

Key man without a doubt is Marco Reus. Very hard to stop on his day. Although recent "FRIENDLYS" have seen him being kicked into the stands repeatedly by certain people (Leo, Buff and Adrian).

Are there any weaknesses on the other side of the pitch you are keen to exploit?

Wouldn't say theirs any weaknesses but feel as though snapping Di Santo in half early on could be a deciding factor in this one so fingers crossed.

If you make it who would you like in the next round and why?

I’m goanna say Jeemy. Been on an impressive run recently with the two skyscrapers up top and so hoping to show that tika taka will always prevail.


Member Spotlight - MattypthaG

A little corner of the Internet to interrogate our members and find out a bit more about them. The first Man in the spotlight this week is PENs best worst finisher MattypthaG.

Who are ya?

Top Don Matty P Tha G!!

When did you first start playing PES?

PES 4 I think it was, then the next one.. then I went to fifa all the way until this PES! Glad to be back on the PES Side now!

What Brought you to PEN ?

I was a member of the original websites under the name kaotikuk way back when, so just remembered and had a search! always a great community!

How Long have you been here?

This site, few months.. however as above was a member a long time ago... used to dominate the madden league to.

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

I only play PES now because it’s a way better game, gameplay wise.. I wish it had fifa's online features especially clubs and it’s a shame you can’t edit kits on xbox!

PEN Honours ?

None! Unless we count old sites, then I was madden champ! oi oi haha

What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

I work in a leisure centre/gym.. My interest are keeping fit, via extreme sports.
My life is pretty much mountain biking (more so downhill but I love a pedal to keep fit.), smash the bmx aswell, Into climbing aswell and some MMA training when I get time.

What football team do you support?

Newcastle United! Random one being from north wales but when I was like 6-7? (now 29) everyone round here was all United or Liverpool so thought id be different... no regrets!

If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

Going off just players id like to replicate rather than be otherwise it’d be the usual Ronaldo type pick, so... He is long retired now and its a random one but probably Denilson (the one who played for Real Betis). I loved that old school dribbling style of just burning past people which is what I did playing footy myself :P I always remember the world cup when he came on against turkey just tearing people apart. Boro Juninho and lyon juninho are also good mentions.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

Used to be a "PRO" gamer at counter strike back in the day.. Unluckily for me it was the wrong era with no money. Nowadays kids are making millions from being top nerds! crazy.


That’s all for this edition folks, We’ll be back at our typewriter in time for fixture 6 onwards! Good luck to all for the "New" Season

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