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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 20:52

Xbox Blog - Edition 4

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Welcome back for another look into and around the PEN Xbox league. Hopefully we can provide a little bit more info about what is going on around our leagues, our members and all the bits in between as well as having a few laughs along the way. That being said lets get going!Welcome back for another look into and around the PEN Xbox league. Our season reboot is well under way and the results have been flying in thick and fast for the office boys to deal with, good work fellas.


Here’s another batch of goals from our members thanks to all that submitted them!

Scored a cracker that’s not eligible for the main PEN GOTM competition, send me a link from YouTube or and we’ll highlight the best ones each edition only condition is that’s its scored vs. another PEN member.


New Blood!

Welcome to Pipps who will take over St.Etienne and Worrisome owl who takes over in Sunny Sao Paulo, good luck boys!


Around the leagues

So we started again but it’s the same name at the top of the division, Adrian leads the league with a perfect start from his opening games (more from him later) , Ronbhoy, Predator, Taz, Balonga and even MattyP have rattled off a few wins also! At the bottom, Antony, Birdperson, Claretchris and some other manager we can’t remember the name of are winless! All will be hoping for a turnaround in fortunes soon. Lets see what the current leader has to say.

8 games and 8 wins, a perfect start, obviously happy with that but were you pleased with how you performed?

Very pleased with the performances overall! At both ends of the pitch the team seems to be perfectly balanced, hard to break down and also very dynamic in attack.

Erasmus has been banging them in for you, he will be an unknown to many, what made you pick him up?

Was looking for a back up small, elusive dribbly type of SS who could cover CF in emergencies and Erasmus fit the bill perfectly, was initially signed as back up to Rossi but having played the first game with Rossi on a red arrow he has since become first choice with 6 motm's in 8 games. Very agile and has been much more clinical than I expected, a massive bargain so far!

You face Ginger Pelé and Danny in your next batch of fixtures. As you saw last season any dropped points can be fatal to a title challenge, how confident are you of getting the job done in these games?

I haven't played Danny since the very early days of the season that was recently cancelled so hard to say really. I believe I won our last meeting but he is clearly a good player, however if I play my best then I will give anybody a good game. With regards to Ginger Pele we have probably played hundreds if not thousands of times in the past and it is rarely anything but a tight match, our previous meeting in the league finished 0-0 which proves the point. Not sure these games will be decisive anyway because the league is full of capable players and I’m sure their will be some unexpected results along the way.

Thanks for your time Adrian, Any words for your title rivals?

Not really, I have a trophy in the cabinet already with the Xbox Prem cup so the pressure if off me! MRB is the odds on favourite according to the bookies and rightly so given his record, but I’m confident that whatever happens it will be a close run thing and go right down to the wire.

WSO Latest

There’s only one Beezo, Theres only one Beeeeeeezo, Walking along singing a song walking in a Beezo wonderland! The king is dead long live the king!!!

After a "dominant" one sided win someone has finally beat Adrian after a phenomenal run of 25 wins. Great stuff guys.



Jeemy, Beezo, Balonga and MRB are through to the next round and eagerly awaiting the draw for the next round. 4 fixtures still to be played including the big match of Danny vs Ginger Pele.


Member Spotlight - MRB

A little corner of the Internet to interrogate our members and find out a bit more about them. The first Man in the spotlight is the G.O.A.T MRB.

Who are ya?

Matt, MRB, MB 11, the reigning undisputed Xbox League Champion.

When did you first start playing PES?

My earliest memory of playing PES was PES 2, my brother bought it, and I would have been 6 years old. PES 3 is the first game I properly played, I had a Master League with Real Madrid but using he original players, so I got into it at a very early age!

What Brought you to PEN ?

3 draws in a row in myclub on PES 2015 with a former member SmithersJones. He sent me a message and told me to sign-up, simple as that!

How Long have you been here?

Since late 2015. I joined the league fairly quickly, was put straight into the Prem, made endless transfers and ended up getting relegated!

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Always been PES at heart after growing up with the game. I did switch to FIFA from 2009-2012 when PES was pretty terrible, but it always felt dirty playing FIFA. I find PES just feels more real, the games have more soul and life.

PEN Honours ?

Xbox League Champion Season 9
Xbox Div 1 Runner up Season 7
Xbox Cup Runner up Season 9

What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

I used to play a lot of football until i tore my knee ligaments not once, not twice, but three times, including 2 cruciate tears that needed replacing. Unfortunately that means I'll probably never make it in the Premier League. I'm now looking at getting into coaching. Other than that, I play the Xbox, and actually like watching wrestling with my brother and mates. I'm even going to Wrestlemania 33 this year in Orlando.

What football team do you support?

I'm a Yeovil Town season ticket holder, so watch them home and away with my mates. Been watching them since I was about 8. Seen 3 promotions, 2 Wembley play-off finals, and 2 relegations in that time. Oh, whisper it, but I also support Man Utd. Grown up watching football with my grandad who lives next door, and he's always been a Man Utd supporter, so didn't really have much choice!

If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

Anyone without working knees haha
I'm not sure, but my favourite footballers have always been SS/AMF's, and that's where I used to play. Del Piero, Totti, Cassano are all players I tried to emulate, but it would have to be the man I've grown up watching and that's Wayne Rooney. Not just because I like shagging grannies though.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I can't. They'll hunt me down and you'll never hear from me again.


Member Spotlight - Oldeuboi

Next up is PEN’s finest coach, not at PES obviously but at Overwatch he is the man who must be obeyed

Who are ya?

Mass debater, Saints fan and full time Overwatch coach, Oldeuboi.

When did you first start playing PES?

PES 3 on PC, I think (with Collina on the cover?). Then PES 5 on Xbox original was my first experiences playing online. Then got into it with friends on my first 360 with PES 6.

What Brought you to PEN ?

As one of the more renowned/revered characters on FLM, I fancied a change and the revamped PES 2016 provided that.

How Long have you been here?

PEN? Almost a year.
FLM? 2 years.

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

I play full manual and the controls are just so much more responsive and predictable on PES. Fifa has a load of weird glitches and inconsistencies with manual passing and player switching that almost make the game unplayable nowadays.

PEN Honours ?

Owning what seem like 2 of the most sought after players on the site; Sofiane Boufal and Virgil van Dijk.

What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

I'm a teacher firstly, so tutor part time through winter and teach full time in the summer I also Work part time for a Korean restaurant as a marketing exec AND I work part time at Tesco for some extra ££
AND I Volunteer with a small disability charity and help with marketing
BUT Most importantly I coach a small team of dedicated and hard-working individuals, deciding who makes the "cut" and who will be left in the dust on our journey to the top of the Overwatch rankings. Some say my "playbook" is as sacred as the Holy Bible and I think that's a fair comparison. I'm a Southampton season ticket holder and make the odd away game too.
off to Wembley this month.

Spare time? Overwatch, have regular board game nights with work friends (currently playing through Star Wars: Imperial Assault) and enjoy long walks by the beach.

What football team do you support?

Southampton and I always catch an FC Seoul game or two when I'm in Korea.

If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

Dmitri Payet. He heroically managed to wind up West Ham fans to a level that everyone else could only dream of. True legend of the game and deserves a statue.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I really like Overwatch. It's really good. You should get it.


That’s all for this edition folks, We’ll be back at our typewriter in time for fixture 6 onwards! Good luck to all for the "New" Season

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