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Goal of the Month - February

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GOTM returns and in emphatic style, style being the operative word as this month’s offering comes to us from the Fashion Capitol itself, Milan!
Dortabadboy’s fantastic strike takes the gong for Februrary courtesy of the chic Thiago Alcantara. Enjoy

How does it feel to win your first goal of the month? A huge 60% of the votes, you must be delighted with the landslide GOTM victory - please tell us about the goal... 

I think I've achieved second/third place once before but I'm delighted with the win!
As for the goal, Thiago showed fantastic strength in receiving the pass – I thought he would lose it as Thiago is not the most physical of players - but he somehow protected the ball shimmying to turn away from the defender to immediately only to find himself being closed down and under pressure from behind, so a feint to double back, followed by another to sneak through to take advantage of the space between both oncoming defenders – Thiago possesses excellent close control and had the presence of mind to lift the ball ever-so-slighlty to  slip through – from then on there was no doubt what needed to be done. A lovely caressed finished!

Indeed, Thiago showed some fantastic footwork, I understand that was his first for the club - what a way to get it ey! Aside the wonder-strike, how has Thiago settled at Milan?

He has settled in very well; I  really like the way he moves and passes – of course his skills are evident. His passing and technical prowess make skipping past a man thoroughly enjoyable – he truly is a very fun player to use.

Moving on to your season; despite a wealth of talent in the Milan ranks, form has been patchy - with a number of games in hand over the competition how confident are you of moving up the table in the closing weeks?

I'm confident I'll move up the League (although less so regarding a play-off spot) – the League position is misleading in that I have a number of games in hand, owing to a number of reasons, however I think there is scope for me to secure some points and make my way up the table.

Season 10 is drawing to a close and with it the impending RESET! Can I get your views on the reset please? Necessary or unnecessary? Welcomed or unwelcome?

I think the reset will have a positive effect – having said that, it's not really necessary at the moment. I think it would have been required in a season or two though. Personally, I welcome it and cannot wait to see how the new teams shape up, especially mine!

Irrespective, the reset is scheduled - give the readers some of your memories of your time in PEN with the team that you will be relinquishing at reset. Tell us about the best player owned? Or maybe the player you will miss most? perhaps your best deal? The best prospect you owned etc?

I started the season with a team I didn’t want to tinker with as I liked most of them. However my hand was forced by the AWOL situation (players that were in PES2016 that I owned but no longer in PES2017 leaving me with a depleted squad and requiring reinforcements) and ended up making some moves in the market. Obviously, my Milan players have been important to me and I will miss them all following reset, especially M’Baye Niang! I don't know what it is but somehow I have not been able to replace him since. I cannot foresee myself going for the same players post reset, unless they’re on the market without a suitor (which is highly unlikely ha ha ha).

Something a little light-hearted before we close - Dortaboy, your brother, who is also a manager of the site, attended the PEN Charity Meet-Up last year! Can we expect you in attendance this year?

I'm considering it for sure - last time I did not get my s**t in order soon enough but will do my best to take care of business earlier this year.

There you have it chaps another fine GOTM and worthy winner courtesy of the wizardry of Thiago Alcantara of Dortabadoy’s AC Milan. That wraps up the penultimate GOTM for Season 10. Stay tuned for next months offerings!

 For now, and in the words of James Richardson, Arriverderci!

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