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Goal Of the Month - March

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Welcome back to Goal of the month!

March's goal not only brings the curtain down on Season 10 but significantly a 4-year cycle in Pro Evo Network following the announcement of a Reset!

Rather fittingly, March's winner was scored by one of the Pro Evo Network's longest serving managers, Phillyrich - I caught up with Philly to discuss a quite exquisite goal in an unintended, but somewhat fated, "Reset" themed interview.


We love a manual goal here at Goal of the Month! Congrats on a well worked goal, can we get your take on the goal please?

Although the move was started and finished by Canales, it was made by that Cassano pass. A beautiful piece of skill that sucked in 3 defenders and opened up the space. Torres' assist further enhanced the smoothness of it all.

Significantly the goal was scored by Sergio Canales, a fitting way to bring the curtain down on a PEN era wouldn't you say?

Well it's about bloody time he (and I) won a GOTM!!!! It's almost like it was fated to really and has definitely added to the legend of the man.

Staying with Sergio, just how important a player has Canales been for you, I understand he is a fan favourite and club stalwart - can we get the history of your ownership of Sergio.

You can see from the goal what he brings to the team. He has always been the one to drive the team forward, create and bring others in to play and has weighed in with his fair share of goals over the last 7 seasons. He was bought in on the first day of the last reset some 3 years & 9 months ago and has seen off competition for his place in the team from some accomplished players such as Pastore, James Rodriguez, Belhanda, Xhaka, Mati Fernandez, Merkel, Sarabia amongst others. All have either been sold, benched or played out of position to accommodate Sergio as none of them could make the team tick like he could.

It's like the elephant in the room; so let's get straight to it - THE RESET! What are you thoughts? I understand you voted against it, and in an ironic twist of fate - the decision was swayed by a certain GOTM winner, Sergio Canales - or am I mistaken?

Yes my history with Sergio had a massive bearing on my decision to vote against it as with him and a couple of other squad members we had been on quite a journey with each other which hadn't quite finished. In the long term though it will freshen up  the leagues. Many teams, including mine, had kind of reached a nadir and had very little else to add from the transfer market. It was a real case of "money going to money" which put new guys at a massive disadvantage as well. Hopefully we'll see some new managers rise in the market this time round.

Inevitably, what will you miss most about the Pre-Reset Era and what are you looking forward to most about the Reset Era?

Sergio, of course!!!! Erm...what am I looking forward to? Finding another hero to build a team around. Who knows maybe it'll be Sergio again!

As you are regarded as one of, if not the most chilled out members on PEN - We'd like to know who you would class as the most chilled out member on PEN?

I'd agree with that to be fair. There's plenty of chilled out guys on here. If I'd have to pick someone it'd be a toss up between Spragga, Sunzibad and NikoNikolson.

Bringing it back, It appears to have been a tough season for River - considering the reset, what are the hopes for the new season?

It has been the worst performance since Season 3. Definitely think the move to Argentina and their Sunday league pitches didn't help matters. There will be a big promotion push next season just gutted that Baz didn't get relegated as we so I guess I'll have to win the D2 title all by myself. I've always enjoyed assembling a team of 'gems' and think that will work in my favour for the upcoming season.

Thanks Philly and congrats once again on Canales' goal - best of luck for the Reset and Season 11 from the team here at Goal of the Month.

There you have it chaps, your March winner! We shall be back next month with our next instalment which promises to be a corker! Prepare yourselves for Season 10's Goal of the Season! Until then... viva la Reset!

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