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Thursday, 27 April 2017 12:15

Confessions of a Reset-eer

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With the reset complete and the window soon to open we speak with a member of the reset team to get an insight into the process by which the 100 new teams were created.

“I got involved because I was actually opposed to the Reset.  I wanted to see how it was working and to be able to pipe up with any concerns should they come along.  Fortunately, I never had to stick my oar in and taking part in the process has completely brought me around to the idea”

So what was the process for creating the teams?

“It was more complex than you think.  Once the initial 2900+ player database had been identified the team was asked to go in and find any players that were overpowered or too high value to be given out in a starter team because they’d make the teams really hard to balance.  So players like Lacina Traore were binned for being too slaggy and players like Donnarumma and Mbappe were put to one side for potential auctions”

“Once the slags and wonderkids were filtered out we had to do the benchmarking”

What’s benchmarking?

“We took each position on the pitch and picked 5 players from that position that fit certain criteria.  One had to be the highest value player in that position, one a high quality player, one an average player, another a squaddie and finally the lowest value player in that position.  These were identified individually then discussed on Skype to create a definitive benchmark list which was then valued”

Benchmarking for dummies

“These benchmarks gave us a guide for valuing players so that the team wasn’t plucking random figures out of the air.  You look at the player you’re valuing and put him next to the benchmarks”

“Is he better than the second player on the list? No? Better than the middle one?  Yes.  OK so his value is somewhere between those two.  Which one is he closer to? Etc”

“All the while whilst you’re valuing you’re looking out for players that have contracts that run out at the end of the year.  Are they on loan from clubs not in the PES?  Are they at clubs likely to be relegated out of PES?  Are they off the MLS?  Transfermarkt is your Bible, but Google news searches and Google translate for transfer links are equally important.  We didn’t want anyone getting AWOLs in their starter squads”

A typical valuer's conundrum.  Potential AWOL?

What if you got it wrong?

“Well each player was independently valued by 3 members of the team and an average taken.  So if one of you missed something and over/undervalued them then the average would usually filter that out, where the average was too skewed by an off valuation this was picked up in review in Skype meetings and a consensus decision to eliminate certain valuations was taken”

“I did around 1000 valuations myself and I think only 1 of mine was eliminated, we were generally all on the same page”

What next?

“Then the fun began, building the teams.  The first few were built together over Skype to work out what kind of makeup worked; what average age/overall rating, how many teenagers? Etc. The highest value players were held back at this stage to be ‘Marquee’ players that would be added right at the end, players like Ward-Prowse and Nastasic everyone was going to get one”

“The process was quite fluid with only a few hiccups like running short of useable mid-range players, accidentally assigning the same player to two teams, players having the same names confusing the spreadsheet… but they were ironed out along the way and you see the results now”

 “The hardest part for me was trying to be impartial with it.  Having studied 1000+ players in depth I obviously had some on a shortlist that I wanted to see included but I resisted the temptation to just put players in that I wanted and I believe everyone else did the same.  To be fair there were only so many players to choose from so pretty much all the useable one’s or one’s with IRL potential made the cut anyway”

“Davo did some final rejigging of the teams to imbalance some teams positionally, too many strikers and not enough centre backs for example, and then the list was published”

Now that the Reset it pretty much done do you have any final thoughts or advice?

“I just hope that people really get into the spirit of things and the balance is maintained.  We don’t want to see the same players being hoarded but then we don’t want people feeling pressured into selling…”

“Be a shark in the market by all means but don’t be a d*ck, would be my thoughts on the matter...  But that may be asking too much of some!”

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