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The Man, The Myth, DavoteK

Written by SAMCRO925

Some see him as a saviour and some see him as a knob, whatever you see there's no denying that the man has created a community for fellow PES gamers to interact and discuss various topics to which mostly all end up with BAZ and Venom calling each other Chinman or Wasteman. We decided to contact a few PEN members to find out what their views on the man who saved PES.


First up is Davo's right hand man(sticky job but someone has to do it) Big Boss, after he had his morning smoke and pancake the crazy Dutchman told us that Tony wasn't the original creator of what we simply call PEN but without him it most certainly wouldn't be what it is today. BB also went on to tell us that in his spare time Davo likes to send WheresMarks mum dick pics on Facebook and he said she loves it.

The next PEN legend we spoke to was the original G that is Slicklu and boy did he gives us some juicy material. To hear the whole interview in its entirety simply send Slick a PM asking him to reveal all.

We then went the home of European heavyweight champion RamboVanHardNuts to find out what his views on Davo are but instead all he could do was talk about himself. He went on to say "If it wasn't for me then this site wouldn't have anywhere near the amount of members it has today, my YouTube videos have brought in at least 75% of the new managers." Then he just sat in a corner naked, eating tins of tuna wearing his gold medal.

Last but not least is the creator of the amazingly detailed PEN Database DortaBoy. After travelling all the way to Swansea for a PEN meetup event last year the Brazilian told us he has a fuzzy memory of his encounter with the saviour of PEN. Dorta went on to say "I remember him giving me a pint then it got blurry, I'm pretty sure he spiked me then touched me in my special place."... OK Dorta that was a little too much information but thanks for sharing.

Whatever you think of DavoTek he has to be doing something right as ProEvoNetwork is entering its eleventh season and second reset and for the first time in its history PEN now has more active league managers than its bitter rival FLM whom are apparently run by Davo's evil twin brother!!

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