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Monday, 08 May 2017 12:30

The Rage Quitter

Written by SAMCRO925

No one likes to lose a game of PES but the man from the Netherlands Lisoti takes the biscuit, legend has it he once threw a chair out his window after he lost a game in the last minute while he was still sitting in it!! The one rage quit that has haunted the Dutchman for over a year now took place in the old reserve league now known as the NFL league, it was against the spammy Scotsman SAMCRO925 formally known as Daz84.

We met up with the Glaswegian to chat about the incident while indulging in a Scottish delicacy (Roll n' Square sausage with a can of Irn Bru). To start we asked if Daz even remembered the encounter with the raging Dutchman, he replied "Aye, I remember pumping that pookeynoodle, was funny as f**k man." After getting a interpreter to translate for us we moved on to tell him that Lisoti has challenged him to a "Revenge Grudge Match" as this lose and rage quit has destroyed his life, its all he can think about and apparently keeps him awake at night thinking about it.

I wanted to find out what actually happened during this game as all we got from Lisoti was "Konami wins again" or "This game is against me". So we asked Spamcro eh I mean Samcro to describe it for us. "The game was meant to be a tight one but I saw a flaw in his tactics and tweaked mine to suit and boy did it work! Cause I f**king pumped him 6-0 and would've been 10-0 if he hadn't rage quit on 60 minutes!! After Daz had stopped p**sing himself laughing we asked if he could tell us what these special tactics he implemented were but he said "Just like I tell the coppers hen, NO COMMENT" Ok that was weird and slightly out of context.

So there you have it folks, Lisoti couldn't handle being taught a lesson and decided to rip his PS4 out the socket and launch it across the room killing his cat. The rematch could be an epic of gigantic proportions as the crazy Dutchman looks for revenge and Samcro wants to inflict more pain, who will prevail? Well no one really cares tbh but it might keep some lads entertained at night as it will be streamed live on twitch with a date and time to be announced soon.

One final word from both men...

Samcro "I'm gonnae do you ya pookeynoodle!"

Ok Daz calm down ffs.

Lisoti "F*&%$£&*@"?#" (Lisoti rage quit the interview). 

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