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Sunday, 14 May 2017 19:56

From Rags to Slags

Written by Tezmac

Everyone loves a fairy tale, even the hardened mans-man. Recently we have seen a flurry of newcomers come into the PEN fold, and some have been surprisingly good. A few have had the best possible impact, with back-to-back promotions from Division 2 right up to the Premiership. Rdotman, djtruckstop, kitchengun and sunzibad to name a few. I managed to catch up with Kitchengun during his 10:30am Iron-bru break to find out what he thinks about his rise through the ranks.

Q: Have you ever kissed a girl?
A: Yes once,  she was blind and I was out a there before the cops came. 

Q: Did you ever expect to fly straight to the Premiership with back-to-back promotions?
A: Haha no , when I picked up pes16 I was horrendously poor at it, couldn't even do the basics right, everyone beat me no problem. The Prem was another galaxy away. I was lucky that I had time to learn the game before I got a league spot.

Q: Do you think you can win the Premiership?
A: In all honesty, no. But I'll give every game my best shot.

Q: Who has been your biggest rival so far in PEN?
A: Gotta be Lisoti, great memories of our early battles  when we joined pen and were also in the reserves together. 

Q: Out of the other newcomers who joined you, and jumped straight to the Premiership, who is the best of the lot?
A: Djtruckstop

Q: Do you think Rambovanhardnut as good as he says he is?
A: Honesty no, he falls apart if you go a goal ahead. He relies too heavily on 1-2s and his game is one dimensional, same attack over and over. 

Q: If you could pick one defining moment for you in PEN, what would it be?
A: Nearing the end of season , I held my nerve to finish the league strongly , most notably being 2-0 down against dortaboy who had beaten me twice already , (league and cup) comfortably and who if succeeded in winning that match would have overtook me in the league, but amazingly I turned it around and won 4-2 and gave me a 5pt advantage over him

Q: Who is your favourite player that you have owned?
A: For a while it was my GK Padelli, he seemed to save everything, but of course its Andy Carroll. A wrecking machine upfront who in my eyes is the complete striker. 


Q: Which one play do you wish you had never sold?
A: Gourcuff, I found it hard to replace him in AMF for a while in terms of quality and the goals he chipped in with.

Q: 40m for a keeper, are you mad?
A: Well I may not be as mad as yous all think, he may have gone for maybe £28-30m in this market (GK recently went for 25) so I really only paid £10m more than his current worth, which isn't bad for an auction , and the goals he will save me will be more priceless than his price tag, I'll be in the prem this season, its more about survival right now than planning for the future. I want to know I've gave it my best shot rather than saving cash or hoping for upgrades for players come Pes18.

Q: How excited are you for the Reset teams?
A: More looking forward to the league games to be honest. The market is an added bonus , its always been the buzz of league and cup games for me. 


Unsurprisingly, kitchengun has become a popular manager in PEN, and his humble answers reflect that. The Premiership this season will be something of an unknown, with the new teams and so many very fresh managers in the leagues. How will kitchen cope, will he rise to the top and win the league, or will he drop quicker than a transfer thread during the first day of a window opening? All I know is, it is going to be one hell of a ride!

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