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Sunday, 21 May 2017 16:52

No Hassle for the Hoff!!!

Written by SAMCRO925

Pro Evo Network's season 11 is just about to get into full swing and we decided to catch up with our favourite Scotsman Samcro925 aka Daz, after some wheeling and dealing and tweaking of tactics the man from Glasgow looks ready to tackle the tough PS4 Division West. After Daz woke up from his midday heroin coma we managed to have a chat with him about the forthcoming seasons hopes and aspirations for his team.


Hi Daz, how are you settling in at your new club?

It's going great, the beer and bratwurst are fantastic and don't get me started on the Spa and Sauna's they're not like the ones back home!!


That's nice, but we meant your new football club not masonic club.

Oh sorry! yeah its great we have a fantastic scouting system that's allowed us to bring in certain players that complement our style and still leave us money in the bank to strengthen the squad.


Who have been your top 3 signings?

Willy Boly has got to be a top signing for us and at a bargain of 22m PENce too, he has the height and physical presence to dominate any forward in the league, another top signing has got to be little Ryan Fraser who is as fast an Ethiopian with a dinner ticket!! The best signing has to be the talisman Robert Snodgrass which cost us 35m PENce as we got into a bidding war, although Snoddy's pin point crossing and deadly free kicks he'll repay his pricetag back in no time but I have to say his top class passing is so good he could find my auld man with a ball and I've no seen him in 30 years!!

Robert Snodgrass: Hoffenheims record signing

Should we expect any more dealings from your club?

Who told you I punt gear? They're f**king lying man, you can't prove anything!!


What? calm down Daz we meant transfer dealings involving players...

I'd sell my granny twice so I think you'll see a few more transfers coming and going around here, we still have around 40m PENce to help strengthen the team or we could just spunk the lot on a big name to get the fans balls tingling.


What are your aims for this season?

We strive for greatness and never expect anything less, we want to continue building this team to make it a formidable force within the PEN leagues. This season I'm aiming for promotion to the sweaty PS4 Prem where this club belongs and nothing will stand in our way!!


Surely there's a fine line between confidence and unrealistic, are you maybe shooting too high especially for the first season?

Confidence breeds success and don't call me Shirley!!!


So there you have it folks Hoffenheim are ready for all challengers this season as they aim for promotion to the prem where they apparently belong, we for one wont argue with the angry Scotsman about it but mainly because we are s**t scared of his drunken bi-polar outbursts.

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