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What is ProEvoNetwork about (a fresh approach)

Written by Miken333
What Is ProEvoNetwork What Is ProEvoNetwork Tezombie

ProEvoNetwork is a bustling site dedicated to the art the football game Pro Evolution Soccer, and has been running for over ten years. New addition to the leagues, miken333 gives you an insight into what to expect from PEN so you can see if its right for you.

PEN is a forum for like-minded people to interact and play PES “the right way”

There is a league inside but you need to understand how it all works before you can join and then wait for a league slot to become available. We currently play teams with players rated in their seventies, and sometimes below.,that way we have to “work the players ” plan strategies and formations and not rely on 80+ rated superstar players. Apart from the leagues we play friendlies with each other and hold events such as community nights (example: 11 v 11)


What do you need?:

  • A genuine passion for PES

  • A good knowledge of English (there are people of various nationalities playing in the league, all are welcome).

  • A commitment to play a league season (over the course of a few months)


Does it cost money?

No it does not, but you can donate (voluntarily) to the upkeep such as the software that is used to run the leagues.


Do I play as a set club or country in the league and how does it work?

No, you get allocated a brand (which is purely a club strip) and then a squad of balanced players from various teams on PES (GK / CB / RB / CMF/ SS/ CF etc.) So, for example you may have a CF from the Brazilian league, a RB from Ligue 1 in France and a DMF from the Premier League. The squad will average around 2.5 - 3 star rating. We will explain how you upload the squad to be used in matches (quite easy to do) Once you have your squad you will work out how you use it in the league (formation) and you can see all the other players in other squads, but you can also trade (buy and sell) players using the currency (fictitious) on site, or simply swap players (this is done is a controlled way and is transparent and clear) You earn the currency by various means, but will also be allocated some when you join a league. If you play in the league you get all the benefits of gameplay combined with the skill needed to manage a team of players. There are typically 18 / 20 teams in each division (each team is run by one person). Each game lasts for 15 minutes and the gameplay feels more evolved than the rushed pace of the 10 minutes you get on Myclub and online divisions.


What are the ages and types of the members on PEN?

They vary right through to their twenties through to their fifties and from various countries and background but share a common passion to play PES in a good spirited collective way. Managers range from people in their twenties right up to later fities and beyond! There is no age limit on PEN.


Do I join a league straight away?

No, you get to play friendlies and are encouraged to interact on the forum and join in chat. You will get to play in a demo league and will be tutored over the Mic to learn how it all works. Once you have proved that you have the aptitude and consistency to play in the league. It is not based on skill (we are not purists about ability) we have players of all abilities, moreover, we want people who are committed to play a league season Apart from gameplay there is a very active forum with discussion about PES, football and life in general! Loads of banter and laughs The outlook is to be respectful in gameplay and we have a certain etiquette (courtesy before during and after gameplay) though friendly banter is welcome!


Does it support all formats?

There is a league structure for Xbox players and a separate one for PS4.


If you like the sound of things – sign up and head for the thread titled “Introduce yourself” you will also see more explanations about PEN there – and then let the games begin!


If its not for you then no problem, thanks for taking time to read this.

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