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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 18:43

Xbox Blog - Edition 7

Written by Scottish Champ

So that's it the first round of fixtures are in the bag and we are heading into the next batch of fixtures this week. So let's see what's been happening.

Transfers, Taxes and Wages oh my!

It's been a busy few days in the league with the Transfer Deadline on Friday, Preceded with a surprising amount of panic selling we are now in a bit of calm as we wait for wages and tax payments to come off. Hopefully nobody will slip into the dreaded Admin's hands!



We are already seeing a bit of a fixture backlog so please try and get these played ASAP. Obviously there have been delays with Oldeuboi guiding the Lib Dems to a glorious 4th place in the UK elections and MB11 waiting for his Konami Controller to come back to him from Japan, the rest, no excuses please get them played.


New Blood!

A big welcome to thesecondcity the second of our brothers to join us from across the pond in Trumpland, we won't hold that against him though as long as he doesn't say soccer. It also means birdperson has a local derby. Hopefully its more Spurs vs Bulls than Cowboys vs Bears.


Around the leagues - Xbox Prem

Bet you can't guess who is top of the league?  Go on guess. I dare ya! It's Adrian, 4 games 4 wins, untouchable at the moment. With MB11 dropping points already could the title race be over before its began? Time will tell on this one.

One of the big surprises of the season so far has been the form of Predator, one of season 10’s high flyers, we caught up with him to see how he was feeling with only 1 win in his opening games.

Coach Predator, A tough start to the season for you following a strong finish in season 10, Where’s it going wrong for you?

If I'm honest I think my philosophy in the market of going for potential rather than in game stats has been a mistake.

How confident are you that you can turn it around?

While I do feel my team is weak upfront compared to other teams, I know on my day I can beat anyone so I'm capable of putting a run together.

Despite the poor start is there any of your players we should keep an eye out for?

Zuqui is a quality little player very exciting, Fazio is a monster and Jeannot has been a strong signing he's scored 5 goals already in the league since signing.

Thanks for your time, what war cry do you want to send out to the rest of the division?

Beware of my two giant monster centre backs, they are looking to break some bones!


Around the leagues - Xbox Division 1

Fresh from being tipped as cannon fodder our favourite Texan Birdperson leads the way in Division 1 with an  impressive 3 wins and a draw from his opening games, hot on his heels and also undefeated is Leonidas with 2 wins and 2 draws.

It looks like it will be a very close division with everyone capable of beating everyone, we caught up with Birdy to see how he feels after his opening games.

So you are off to a flyer with 3 wins from 4 games this year after struggling to find your feet in Season 10, Whats been the key to your success so far?

Not having a ton of online experience in PES, I think I was getting my sea legs with the first season. I had a tough time getting my strikers involved (curse you, Marco Ruben), but towards the end found tactics and strikers (Mbokani == Messi in PES) that fit my style.
This time, I started off with a big man who is an all-around striker up front (Koka) and with a formation that fit my squad so it has been a really fun season so far! Also it helps I played 3/4 games against some fresh meat.

Your at the top of the tree at the moment do you believe you can stay there?


Who's been your favourite player so far post reset?

Koka has been reliable and tidy up front, but I have to say that, despite overpaying for him, Viktor Fischer he has been the missing piece that lifted my starting 11 into an efficient goal-scoring machine. Just ask thesecondcity.

Ok coach, Thanks for your Time, Is there anyone you'd like to call out and tell them to Bring it on?

Gary, Gary, Gary... Despite his long tenure at PEN no one has knocked Buff off his high horse... It's time.

Great stuff Birdperson, good luck for the rest of the season.


Members Corner - TO Falcon

Our little corner to catch up with our members and find out a bit more about them. First up this week is new boy TO Falcon.

Who are ya?

TO Falcon/Tom Owen.

When did you first start playing PES?

ISS Pro on N64

What Brought you to PEN ?

Scottish Champ asked me to join.

How Long have you been here?

A month.

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

It's more realistic to actual football, I find FIFA to be to casual. 1 horse sized Duck definitely. Then I could focus on how to deal with it rather than having to deal with swarms coming from all angles. Have you not seen Jurassic Park!?

Any PEN honours ?

I'm more likely to throw myself out the window in a rage than win any honours.

What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

Category Manage Chilled Foods for a big retailer, responsible for the strategy and trading of £5.5bn sales a year. Pretty terrifying when I think about it.

What football team do you support?

Man City. Grew up a season ticket holder from 5 until 21. Moved down south just as we started to get good (got money) and so i enjoyed Rotherham away in person only to now get to see Champions League on TV.

If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

I play just below semi pro and have been called Woodgate because on my debut I got sent off, gave away a penalty and had a clearance that hit a pram in the crowd. Personally, my play style is James Milner. I enjoy right midfield but they always want me at Right back, but I've literally played every position this season. Unspectacular but do a job just about anywhere - including in net.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I'm not actually a pookeynoodle (Aye you are. SC)


Member Spotlight - DonkeyHugger

Next up, everyones favourite animal "enthusiast" DonkeyHugger.

Who are ya?


What Brought you to PEN?

Some Scottish pookeynoodle pestered me to join.

When did you first start playing PES?

Since the ISS days up until it went s**te in 2009/10.. back & very rusty with 2017.

How Long have you been here?

On PEN? floating around since about April.. joined the league after the reset.

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

FIFA always felt it was trying to hard to make everyone play like Barcelona, it felt clumsy if trying to anything more complex than passing sideways.. then the whole through ball to fast guy shoot inside box insta-goal got very boring very very quickly.
And distance shooting was wank for years.. seems theyve sorted that out at least but in general Fifa still plays like a massive pile of ass.

Any PEN honours?

Not yet, give it time.

What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

I'm a data analyst / application support, I'm a numbers nerd & get annoyed by idiots on a daily basis. Enjoy football, cricket, F1, the NFL & NHL.

What football team do you support?


If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

I'd be the player Pirlo wished he had been.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

Being a newbie this could be a long old list.


That's all for this edition readers, if you want to contribute to the blog or anything you want to see then drop us a message.

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