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PS4 Premiership, everything for the win

Written by RiQ1987

PS4 Premiership, PEN members play style, a micro-analysis



In part 1 of the PEN members play style analysis we start off with the PS4 Premiership, what can we learn from the diversity of the PEN Members playing in the highest league?


We all know they have one thing in common, that is that everything will be done to get the 3 points on the table. Still, everyone spams something different to win. Some use the crossing, other will use the high pressure, cutbacks, rebounds, there is nothing what isn't used to win the game. Some say it is quality, others say its sweaty. Whatever the opinion might be, fact remains that the PEN members in the PS4 Premiership know how to play the game which is given to them.

Lets take a look!

Stev3n86: Likes to play through the middle with 3 attacking players, his SS are always dangerous, loving a through ball. Capable of giving extreme pressure, very good at dribbling and defending. Intercepts a lot of passes because of great reading of the game. Attacks high tempo and direct. Makes use of the game mechanics and will use these if it favours him.

Rdotman: Defends high up the pitch, good at pressing and reading passes. Plays really compact and prefers to attack through the middle. Also has a plan B when the middle is packed, uses his strikers in a handy way to build up. Made the step over to the dark side, really profits from his manual history, there where he learned how to defend.

Sunzibad: Patient build up, tries to control a game. Likes the build up to start at his CB and from there making his way up the pitch. When losing possession, he tries to win it back asap. Likes to get the ball to his dribbley players, trying to turn in his first touch. Likes to play through the middle, absolutely disgusted by crosses and cutbacks.

Qvart: Doesn't pressure that high up the pitch, doesn't mind falling back a bit. Good reading of the game, hard to score against. Likes a skill move, uses these allot. Gets angry really quickly when conceding. Tries to build up his goals, mixed style of attacking.

Rambovanhardnut: F*ck nows, changes formation every 3 days. One thing he always does is passing direct and quickly, sometimes this works, most of the time it can be predictable. But now he has got Dudu, and he is trying to dribble, succeeding as well. Rambo might be mixing up his game more now. Concedes allot, scores allot. Hates playing against wingers.

Wheresmark: Mark likes space, so he can counter and move quickly towards the opponents goal. Makes great use of his wingers, cuts inside allot. People who play high pressure most of the time have trouble playing Mark. Scores allot, concedes allot. 

Venom984: Plays very direct, tries to one touch pass allot. Works for him, but not always. 

NikoNikolson: Likes to do skill moves in friendlies, but in league games he is very direct and likes his long shots. Tries to finish games of quickly so he can get back to doing skill moves again.

DjTruckstop76: Used to be direct and loved a cross. Last few times I played him he seemed to take more time on the ball, dribble more, trying to find space at the right time. Worked well for him against me, hes trying to vary his play more now.

Slicklu: Cant really detect a certain play style here. Obviously he likes to get the ball to Muriel, dribble a bit and take a shot with him. Never missed a rebound.

Goat261: Could be the brother of Sunzibad in the attacking way. Likes to take long shots, maybe because everything else feels dirty to him? His defensive style is to fall back, not pressure the opponent, but wait for the opponent to make a mistake and simply intercept the ball. Doesn't counter, but builds up gain.

Seanachais: Plays a relatively clean game, and his is struggling now, but not in his greatest form at this moment. Patient on the ball, but gives away to many chances. 

Dortaboy: Likes to build up, really patient on the ball and defensively sound. Likes to do skill moves, especially at the edge of the box. One of the few who doesn't spam in the Premiership.

ParrishJ: When playing Parrish, you can take a p**s without pressing pause. He builds up really, really, really patiently. Low scoring games most of the time. Doesn't like to counter or play direct. Defensively sound, doesn't give away many chances.

Kitchengun206: Andy Carrol, long shots, fake shots. The End.

Clarkof: Maaaaannn what happened? Always thought Clarkie was one of the best, making great use of his R2 close ball control, patient build up and really capable of controlling a game. New strategy Clarkie says, I think he is waiting to get CR7 handed out from Davotek. Also needs a goalkeeper, C. Wood isn't doing his job very well.

ClaretMatt: He always liked the fluid formations, one of the few who can make that work. Likes to sit back and counter attack, I heard he doesn't mind a long through ball. He has a relatively weak team stats wise, but is still getting points on the table. Great start for the newly premiership member.


A lot of different styles in the PS4 premiership, it shows that you can approach the game the way it suits you best. There are always choices to be made, no need for spamming lads, there is more glory to a victory if it is done in a beautiful way.

Thanks for reading and see ya next time with an article about one of the D1 leagues on PEN!


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