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Thursday, 22 June 2017 14:13

The Spotlight On: Pablo Vegetti

Written by Big Boss

It has been the question burning on everyone’s lips since the big PEN reset of 2017, who is this Argentinian striker by the name of Pablo Vegetti, that is taking the league by storm. Ever since becoming part of Big Boss new team FC Porto he has been grabbing the headlines all over the world. So it is about time to have a closer look and shine the spotlight on Pablo Vegetti.

Born in Santa Domingo, Argentina on October 15th 1988, Pablo Vegetti started his footballing career at  Club Colón de San Justo in the lower Argentinian leagues. After a succesfull spell he made his up the ladder past several club in Argentina and Chile, finally ending up at Gimnasia in the Argentinian Primera Division. This allowed him to make his debut in the PEN Leagues, where during seasons 9 and 10 he was a bit part player for several different teams, but found it hard to get much playing time.

The reset after season 10 meant new chances for the big targetman. With much less slags in the leagues, the opportunity to show himself should present itself. During the process of the reset the reset-team discussed and valued all the possible players to be used in the new teams and Vegetti become a topic of contention. While some viewed him as a below average player of little value, veteran PEN league member and admin Big Boss saw certain desirable qualities in the striker, which led to some mocking and jokes from those who disagreed.
Then the big day of the team draw arrived and as PEN Radio host Rambovanhardnut with some assistance of his kids drew the teams and managers the unthinkable happened. The FC Porto squad with Vegetti in their ranks was drawn next to the name of his staunched believer, Big Boss. The odds with close to 100 teams and managers in the draw were just above 1% but as if it was destiny player and manager were united.

It did not take long for Big Boss to take his new side onto the pitch for some pre-season friendlies to assess the qualities of the players. Vegetti being the only pure striker in the squad got plenty of gametime to prove himself, and did not need much time to do just that. His qualities as a big and strong targetman were obvious and did not disappoint, but as the player grew in confidence he showed to be capable of much more. His shots with both feet are crisp and powerfull and he even started to show a lightfootedness and moments of flair on the ball nobody could have expected of the burly striker.
When the official season kicked off Porto has added an additional striker in Nacer Barazite to provide competition and depth to the striker position, but this in no way dented the confidence of Vegetti. Both strikers got chances to start in different games, and ultimately it was Vegetti who showed the most quality and got to play in the majority of games. By now Porto are 9 games into the season and Vegetti has netted an amazing 11 goals, including some absolute stunners like his skill and dribble past 2 players followed by a leftfooted smash against Celta De Vigo.

Big Boss could obviously not be happier with his striker and has been singing his praises in each interview and press conference. When we got the chance to have a quick word with Vegetti himself about his team and manager and the succes he is enjoying at the moment, he had the following to say: “It is a great pleasure and honor to play for this side and under this manager. My teammates are excellent players and I could not score these goals without their help. The confidence my manager has shown me has been amazing, he has worked with some of the best strikers in the world from Alvaro Morata to Karim Benzema, and his belief in my abilities has brought the best out of me”.
It is looking like this could be a very special season for Vegetti and FC Porto and we will continue reporting on their performances throughout. For now they are riding a wave of success and we shall see if they can keep that momentum going.

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