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Thursday, 29 June 2017 15:17

Player Form Rating & Arrow Correlation

Written by Wheresmark



Random player form is one or PES's best features. It enables those mercurial wingers to really be amazing in only one game out of 4, those old reliable CB's to be consistent week in week out and those unheard of players to occasionally be able to play the game of their lives. 


There's nothing better than feeling a 70 rated player on top form making him actually play like someone with stats more like a 76.  


On the flip side, there's nothing worse than playing with your star 77 rated CB, who is actually playing worse than your 71 rated bum CB, when you see the above arrow, I'll coin a term popular amongst the younger generation of PES players;

 If your player is red, your player is DEAD!
(Usually spoken like our most youthful manager Sunzibad when on a hype) 



The true statistical calculations are not confirmed, but through old texts passed down over the years, the rough perception is that top form (Now turquoise) adds between 9-12% to your players rating (It is said it varies stats to stat) that good form (Green) adds 5-7%, average form makes no difference, poor form reduces 5-9% and worst form reduces 9-12%.     


In a bygone era, they went like this;




The main thing is, arrows are important! 


When players are not on 'Weekly Form'   they are on 'Random Form', and this is governed by each players form number which can range from 1 - 8.  The general consensus is that the high the form number the better. But what is this form number, what does it mean? How does it work? 


Only the Japanese god at Konami know, us mere mortals can take pot shot stabs in the dark and guess.  


But to get a better idea, I did an experiment.    I edited PES's beloved Norwich City so in the starting line up there was a player with each of the ratings; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  I also made 2 players with both extremities, 1 and 8. Then started 20 matches with random from on and weekly updates off and recorded all the players arrows over the course of the matches to see which form number gave the best on pitch form the most often.


Here are the results;  




Very interesting results indeed.  The main question, is high form better?  Yes and No. 


Form 1 the lowest, does definitely have the a propensity to have the worst form with 30% red arrows and 25% orange arrows, but surprisingly it also has the most top form arrows out of any of the other forum numbers with 15% blue arrows.  


Form 6 is definitely the most consistent with a whopping 85% standard yellow arrows. 


Form 7 and 8 as expected both perform very strongly with very few low arrows, form 7 for me seems to give better results than both the other 8 form rated players. 


Form 4 and 5 are both quite consistent but as a gambling man I'd definitely take a form 3 or form 2 above them going by the results in this experiment due to the higher chance of higher form compared to consistent mediocrity, form 2 performing better than 3 in this experiment.   


Numbers often follow no pattern and freak results can happen, this experiment would tell us more if we had more variables and the test was performed 100+ times. 


This experiment follows a similar experiment I did on PES 13, for anyone interested in those results of 4 years ago, here they are (Back when red arrows were good! With purple being the worst) 





So what form do you want most? 

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