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Thursday, 29 June 2017 21:25

Xbox Blog - Edition 8

Written by Scottish Champ

Approaching our 3rd batch of fixtures so time to find out what's been going on with the Xbox league the last couple of weeks. We've been busy boys!

Community Nights

We had 3 ever popular community nights where we get together to earn some cash and have a bit of craic. It was revealed that TO Falcon has 2 dads, who are no longer together but he loves them both the same! Team play, 2 v 2, singles matches and all sorts of craziness going on. I've decided that I won woo hoo. We all win in the end though with a frillypink pay out. Well done to everyone who took part.



A good effort so far but starting to see the same names crop up not arranging/playing games in the correct way. Get your finger out or next time we start naming and shaming.


Around the leagues - Xbox Prem

All change at the top of the league as……Who am I trying to kid, Adrian is still top and has in fact strengthened his hold on the top spot, more on that later. Balonga's form has taken a dip with 2 recent losses Predators has moved into third place. At the bottom R3con looks doomed Ronbhoy could also be in a bit of trouble. Pipps and Beezo make up the bottom 4 but do have a few games in hand.


Britney and Cristina, Blur and Oasis, Messi and Ronaldo, every big rivalry has there defining moments and for MB and Adrian in PES 17 this was it, there first match of the new season played under the bright lights of a live stream and millions AND MILLIONS of viewers. It was important, MB 11 had to win and Adrian wanted to keep up his streak against the Xbox champion, An extremely tight affair was decided with the last kick of the game, we got a few thoughts from the people involved. First up we grabbed a random beardy fan from Greece who was in full voice during the game.

Hi Leo, the big match is over, we're glad you got a ticket, biggest match of the season so far for these guys. Who did you fancy going into it?

Fancied Adrian - but was very impressed with MB approach to the game.

It's the first PEN match I have watched on Stream, What were your thoughts on the match?

I thought it was a great game to watch. MB had chances but my word his defending was out of this world!

If you had lost a goal with the last kick of the ball how far into the sea could you get the controller?

I was impressed with MB's lack of swearing and anger - I would have been absolutely livid!


Next up himself, Champion elect and Match winner Adrian.

Probably the most important game of the season so far for you, how did you feel going into it?

Pretty confident, I've done well against Matt in the past and having won 6 out of 6 beforehand I had to be positive going in to the match. I knew I needed to play well to win but certainly felt I was capable if I played at my best.

First league game under the bright lights of a live stream? Did you enjoy and did it make you a bit more nervous?

It was my 2nd time playing a streamed match, the first was also against MB in last season's Xbox Prem cup final in which I also took a narrow victory. I can't say I particularly enjoy it but if I played more often under the microscope then it would become less of an issue I'd imagine(unless Leonidas was adding to the stress by doing his best Jonathan Pierce impression in the parties that is!)

As a neutral it was a really good game to watch. How did you feel you played?

Was very pleased with my defending, the stats showed that Matt had 0 shots on target which takes some doing against a quality opponent. My passing and build up play was decent enough and I bossed possession as I like to, but the usual incisiveness of my attacks was missing in the main. Having said that Karnezis did pull of 2 great saves from 1 on 1's which could have opened the game up had they gone in.

That goal in the last minute must of been a relief, sets you up Frillypinkly for the remainder of the season, how do you feel going forward?

Obviously I'm pleased with the way the season has gone thus far, but there are some very decent players in the Xbox Prem this season. If I'm not on my game then anyone can beat me. I'm happy with my squad, it suits my style well and I have cover in all areas so I'm confident but it's a game so anything can happen!


We contacted manager MB for comment on the match and assistant coach Alec Smith. but he declined and swung a punch at our reporter it was caught on video.


Around the leagues - Xbox Division 1

It IS all change at the top of the division as Leonidas takes the top spot and remains undefeated. Adam Lefondre has fired them there averaging 2 goals a game. Birdperson drops to second though only a point behind after losing the Trump Derby 3-0 to SecondcityT who picked up his first win of the year. A gap is starting to develop between the top 4 and the rest but they do have a few games in hand. Laid back yet has a lot of work to do to avoid the wooden spoon.

Stat attack

As mentioned Adam Le Fondre is the golden boot leader with an impressive 14 goals so far. His nearest rival is Adrian's Kalulu with 10. Coachteddy's Seydou Doumbia has been the highest rated player in the Premiership with 3 man of the matches. This is equalled in the 1st Division by Le Fondre and Mahgoub from Birdpersons high fliers.

Last but not least the Goalies. Adrian's Artune has 4 in the Premiership to lead the race for the golden gloves, 2 Clean sheets ahead of Claretchris' Letellier.


Members Corner - R3con

I think this is the last one to go up (from everyone who responded) If I've missed you let me know. It's the quiet man of PEN and the community night spoiler R3cons turn to go under the microscope.

Who are ya?

Aurelijus, a.k.a R3con or Thirthemus on Xbox.

When did you first start playing PES?


What Brought you to PEN ?

Proevosep seen his video about PEN

How Long have you been here?

About 2-3 months

If you don't play both, why did you choose PES over Fifa, If you do play both Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

PES, coz it's my first football game

Any PEN honours ?


What do you get up to in the real world?  Job/interests etc

I migrated from Lithuania to England, its been almost 2 years. Working in Wrens kitchens.

What football team do you support?

Inter milan and Italy national team.

If you were a footballer who would you be and why?

Arjen Robben perfect winger in a world and in a game.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

Never played football


That's all for this edition readers, if you want to contribute to the blog or anything you want to see then drop us a message.

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