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Win Ratio Tournament - June

Written by Tezombie

The Win Ratio Tournament passes through its second month, and has yet again seen hundreds of matches played, despite people also having to take their league fixtures into account.

Across the 4 divisions, the split ended up being as follows:-
·         D1 Hardcore – 11 managers, more than 30 games
·         D2 Professional – 10 managers, 15 to 30 games
·         D3 Regular – 14 managers, 6 to 14 games
·         D4 Casual – honourable mention to 16 managers - 5 or less games played
Games Played.
There have been 489 games played in June, over 16 games each day . There were a total of 52 managers who took part. Of these managers, the hardcore, who consistently played a game a day on average or more, were as follows:
Most games played
·         Rambovanhardnut (116)
·         Riq1987 (76)
·         Wheresmark  (73)
·         Sunzibad (63)
·         Blakeey91 (53)
Including the comedy that is Ramvo vs Mark, there have been 1,895 goals across all games. Of this there were 180 clean sheets 
Meanest attack (goals  scored per game)
·         D1 – Rdotman (4.1 goals per game)
·         D2 – Venom984 (1.8 goals per game)
·         D3 – Stev3n86 (3.6 goals per game)

Meanest Defence (goals conceded per game)
·         D1 – Blakeey91 (1.26 goals per game)
·         D2 - Tezombie (1.26 goals per game)
·         D3 – Tazarr & ParrishJ (1 goal per game)

Point Per Game
Based on who you play, and your results people get an average score per match..
Top points
·         D1 – Rdotman (354 per game)
·         D2 – Benstatman (275 per game)
·         D3 – Qvart (330 per game)

Overall, Rdotman still runs the show, with Rambo getting the award for "most effort". For June, Sunzibad seemed to start slowly but improve immensely, with huge wins towards the end. Newcomer Blakeey91 has also shown some potential with a lot of matches played, and consistently getting good results along the way.
Finally, the standings for June based on Win Ratio:

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